Accounting Rankings Updated for 2011

The Accounting Research Rankings have been updated for 2011.  The rankings are based on publications in 11 high quality accounting journals and provide separate rankings for accounting topical areas (AIS, Audit, Financial, Managerial, Tax, and Other) and research methodologies (Analytical, Archival, Experimental, and Other). The data is in beta-mode until February 15th.  Please review the rankings to see if there are mistakes or omissions.  We will update any problems we find and post the final 2011 rankings in February.

Please remember that there are multiple, different rankings.  We rank universities based on who is currently on faculty, Ph.D. programs based on research productivity of program graduates, and individual authors. Also, for each university we have an individual page (e.g., see BYU’s accounting research ranking page) and for each author we have an individual page (e.g., see David Wood’s accounting research ranking page).

We have several features we hope to roll out in 2011.  Stay tuned for more!