Announcing the 2012 BYU Accounting Research Symposium

Dear BYU Alumni and Friends:

We are pleased to announce the Ninth Annual BYU Accounting Research Symposium, which has been scheduled for September 27-29, 2012.  The purpose of the Symposium is to unite BYU alumni and friends in our efforts to foster relevant and consequential accounting research. In particular, the Symposium focuses on giving current doctoral students and new faculty a venue for presenting and receiving constructive feedback on their research and ideas.

You will be able to register for the Symposium and submit working papers or proposals online beginning July 1 and ending September 1. We will send another email in late June or early July with a registration link and a reminder. You will not be permitted to submit papers or update previously submitted papers after the September 1 deadline. Also note that we discourage submission of papers that are or will be in later rounds of review at the time of the Symposium.

We have attempted to identify all BYU alumni and friends who might be interested in attending.  However, we recognize that our list may be incomplete.  If you know individuals who may be interested in attending but did not receive an invitation last year, please send us their contact information and tell us why you would like us to invite them to this year’s Symposium.  If you have any questions, contact Kay Stice by email at

The Symposium this year coincides with a Saturday football game against the University of Hawai’i Warriors. The new head coach of the Warriors is Norm Chow, a name that a few of you football fans have heard before. We imagine many of you will want to attend the game, and we are looking into purchasing a block of seats together. However, we cannot make any assurances that we will get enough seats. Please stay tuned for future emails on the topic.

Please mark your calendars now for this wonderful event!  We hope to see you in September!


Symposium Planning Committee:

Kay Stice (co-chair)

Bill Heninger (co-chair)

John Barrick

David Wood

Mike Drake

Jeff Wilks

Erv Black

Ted Christensen

Doug Prawitt


PS. Information will be updated on the wiki.