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General Humor


This is a very funny article about Ken French.

Q: Why do accountants become accountants? A: Because they fail the personality test to become a mortician.

You Might Be An Accountant If...

  • You refer to your child as Deduction 214
  • You deduct Ex-lax as "moving expenses"
  • You have no idea that GAP is also a clothing store
  • Getting to sleep is an exciting event that you look forward to all day long
  • Your idea of thrashing your hotel room is refusing to fill out the guest comment card
  • You are doing it now because you checked the file and found that you did it last year
  • You decide to change your name to a symbol and you choose the double underline "========"


  • Seinfeld accounting joke.
  • A The Office episode where the company accountants find that $3000 is missing, and must go find it. A great assignment to give for a fraud or auditing class.
  • Clip from the Simpsons about the Enron Ride of Broken Dreams.


  • Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen, & Co. - This San Francisco-based CPA firm has a great list of one-liners, David Letterman top tens, and other stories.
  • Moorman Harting Financial Services - This Ohio-based CPA firm has several one-liners and offers perplexing insights on tax preparation, such as, "Have you ever wondered why people are quick to brag about their income, but refuse to list it all on their income tax?"
  • Tax Help LP - This site for a Texan CPA has several short stories and comics. One comic includes two mosquitoes about to dig in and one comments, "Sure, I believe in reincarnation--in my previous life I was an IRS agent."

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