Arizona State University

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Arizona State University

Arizona State University is located in the Pheonix metropolitan area and is one of the nation's larges public research universities. Arizona State is home to the W.P. Carey School of Business. Arizona State's school of accountancy is currently ranked 23rd among graduate accounting programs by the Public Accounting Record. You can visit these links to learn more about Arizona State's accounting doctoral program and to find general information about ASU's doctoral programs.

Living Conditions

The climate in Phoenix is characterized as dry and arid with very hot summers and mild winters. The cost of living in Phoenix is slightly above the national average. Students receive a tuition waiver and a stipend of approximately $20,000 per year, assuming continued satisfactory progress.


LDS Church Information

Mesa (about 30 minutes away) is densely populated with LDS members. There is a temple in Mesa, and another temple soon to be completed in northern Phoenix.

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