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Vern Richardson had a wonderful idea about giving back (see note below). As a Ph.D. Prep Committee (Doug Prawitt, Ted Christensen, and David Wood), we think this is an excellent idea and hope you will all join in the conversation about what we as a group can do.

Note from Vern:

The quote from Robert D. Hales (listed on the Main Page): “Starting now, you must use your education not to say something impressive but to do something that will lift others and help them be successful.” Our community of LDS Academic Accountants has already accomplished great things, but as we mature as a community this quote suggests we “do something that will lift others and help them be successful.“

Much like “Doctors without Borders” seeks to apply their skills to bless others, I wondered if we could collectively brainstorm a way to lead this group of LDS academic accountants to bless others.

Would you take a moment and brainstorm the possibilities? Please provide ideas or comments to the ideas already posted.


General Comments

  • I think for this to be successful we need to pick something in which a lot of people can participate and that isn't going to take a large chunk of time for most people. Most of those who have gone through the Ph.D. prep track are new faculty or students and thus are at an extremely busy time of life. Daw44 16:56, 30 January 2009 (MST)

Rally around a “micro-financing”effort in a certain country?

  • As an example see here.

Help LDS or non-LDS families to budget their money in this era of economic hardship?

  • BYU has already developed a strong resource for personal finance (see here). We could add to this area by maybe doing something to make a similar course for small business. Daw44 09:38, 30 January 2009 (MST)
  • Other ways we could add to BYU's personal finance resource:
    • Provide lessons on "fraud awareness" (i.e. how families can avoid scams) --Azimbelman 10:18, 30 January 2009 (MST)
I like Aaron's suggestion about helping families avoid fraud. It seems like there is a new 'get rich quick' scheme every single day
How do you envision this? Like some courses on what to avoid for example? Daw44 13:59, 31 January 2009 (MST)
I think the course on fraud would be great. Topics for the course could include: how to recognize pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing organizations, how to avoid ponzi schemes, how to recognize high pressure sales tactics and identify potential fraudsters on the doorstep (useful in the current market due to the high occurrence of summer sales jobs--I sell for APX, but I still got scammed by some guy "selling" automotive service discount cards), to whom and when to provide sensitive information, how to recognize signs of identity theft, etc. The list of topics could go on and on. We could arrange it to be some type of monthly lecture series or a class for interested individuals once a week. Spuhlmann
  • Provide translation services to help make the resource available in other languages --Azimbelman 10:18, 30 January 2009 (MST)

Adopt a far-off business school (with our mission language skills) and “train the accounting teacher” or “teach a research course”?

Come up with a fund to bless an accounting doctoral student’s family going through a medical emergency or financial hardship.

Start our own Perpetual Education Fund for accountants?

Use our group as a seed to rally all LDS accountants to achieve these goals similar to the “Academy of LDS Dentists”

  • See here or here for example of the Academy of LDS Dentists

Volunteer at a Non-Profit Organization?

Create Computer courses

Email I received: I met last night with our stake employment specialist and our high councilor over employment. They said that in this economy, many sisters are having to return to work after being at home for several years. They lack confidence because of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the office environment since they left the work force. Four skill areas seem to be most critical using the latest software:

1. Computerized bookkeeping tasks 2. Word processing 3. Spreadsheets 4. Power point

Perhaps we could create an "accountants within borders" program consisting of short courses (say five to six weeks each) that help to address these critical and immediate needs.

IFRS Course in Many Different Languages

As the world converges on one set of accounting standards, we can take this as an opportunity to help educate the world's accountants. We could develop a ACC 200 and ACC 210 like set of CDs that teach IFRS in many different languages. Returned missionaries with language skill who have become accountants or even our international colleagues could aid in the translation and recording of the script.

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