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Refereed Publications

  • Christensen, B. E., S.M. Glover, T. C. Omer, and M. K. Shelley. “Understanding Audit Quality: Insights from Audit Professionals and Investors.” Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Christensen, B.E., A.J. Olson, and T.C. Omer. 2015. “The Role of Audit Firm Expertise and Knowledge Spillover in Mitigating Earnings Management through the Tax Accounts.” The Journal of the American Taxation Association, 37 (1): 3-36.
  • Christensen, B.E., R.J. Elder, and S. Glover. 2015. “Behind the Numbers: Insights into Audit Firm Sampling Methods.” Accounting Horizons, 29 (1): 61-81.
  • Christensen, B. E., S.M. Glover, and C. J. Wolfe. 2014. “Do Critical Audit Matter Paragraphs in the Audit Report Change Nonprofessional Investors’ Decision to Invest?” Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 33 (4): 71-93.
  • Christensen, B.E., S. Glover, and D. A. Wood. 2012. Extreme estimation uncertainty in fair value estimates: The implications on audit assurance and reporting. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory 31 (1): 127-146.


  • Experienced Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009-2011

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