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Sage Hall - Johnson School of Management

Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York. As part of the Johnson School of Management, Cornell's doctoral program in accounting is regularly recognized as a top accounting program. Here is the link to information about their doctoral programs (general information) and the accounting doctoral program.

The Accounting Program

Cornell's Accounting PhD program has excellent faculty who are research active in either empirical or experimental research. The small size of the program results in excellent faculty-student interaction. The faculty also have a very good history of publishing with doctoral students. The program is relatively unstructured, and requires students to take initiative in their own success. Students graduating from this program have typically been very successful in their job search.

Doctoral Seminars

Seminars are rotated among faculty members. Seminar topics include (but are not limited to) Judgment and Decision Making, Capital Markets, Experimental Economics. Seminars provide one of the best opportunities to learn about prior literature and to interact regularly with excellent faculty.

Other Doctoral Program Requirements

All students are required to earn two minors, at least one of which must be outside of the Johnson School. For most minors the requirements are worked out jointly between the student and the professor who will represent that department on the student's dissertation committee.

Behavioral Students are encouraged to receive a minor in statistics, which consists of 6 courses:

  1. Theory of Probability (required)
  2. Theory of Statistics (required)
  3. Statistical Methods I (required (can be waived))
  4. Statistical Methods II (required)
  5. Categorical Data (suggested elective)
  6. Other Elective

Other common minors include:

  1. Judgment and Decision-Making (often with Jay Russo on the dissertation committee)
  2. Economics
  3. Psychology
  4. Finance
  5. Econometrics

Additionally students are required to TA for a total of three credits and teach for 1 semester. Most students elect to divide their teaching so as to teach the first half of a course twice: once in the spring of their 3rd year, once in the spring of their fourth year.


LDS Church Information

There is a student branch and a regular family ward in Ithaca. The Stake Center is in Owego, NY, which is about an hour away. The nearest temple is located in Palmyra, NY, which is about an hour and a half drive. There is an active institute program. The high quality of Cornell's various graduate programs has attracted many LDS students to the area. Many historical church sites are nearby.

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