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Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is a private university located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business offers accounting courses as part of its MBA program. For information on the MBA program visit this website.

Living Conditions

The climate in Hanover is described as having long, cold, and snowy winters with moderate summers. The cost of living in Hanover is 47% above the national average. Hanover is located along the Connecticut river which forms the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.


LDS Church Information

Sharon, VT, birthplace of Joseph Smith, is a short distance east of Hanover, and Joseph and his family lived in Lebanon, NH before moving to Palmyra. It was in Lebanon that Joseph had surgery on his leg at the age of 8; the surgeon was from Dartmouth's medical school.

There are two wards in the Hanover area. The Hanover ward and the Lebanon ward share a chapel a few minutes east of Lebanon, NH, about 15 minutes south of the Dartmouth campus. They are part of the Concord, NH stake. The nearest temple is the Boston, MA temple, about 2 hours away.

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