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Individual Accounting Research Ranking

Contact Information



Research Interests

  • Capital markets
  • Financial reporting
  • Information intermediaries

Selected Publications

  • "The Comovement of Investor Attention," with Jared Jennings, Jake Thornock and Darren Roulstone. Management Science, Forthcoming.
  • "The Usefulness of Historical Accounting Reports," with Darren Roulstone and Jake Thornock. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 61 (2-3), 2016.
  • "March Market Madness: The Impact of Value-Irrelevant Events on the Market Pricing of Earnings News," with Jake Thornock and Kurt Gee. Contemporary Accounting Research, 33 (1), 2016.
  • "The Determinants and Consequences of Information Acquisition via EDGAR," with Darren Roulstone and Jake Thornock. Contemporary Accounting Research, 32 (3), 2015.
  • “Acquirer Valuation and Acquisition Decisions: Identifying Mispricing using Short Interest,” with Zahi Ben-David and Darren Roulstone. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 50 (1/2), 2015.
  • "Short Sellers and the Informativeness of Stock Prices with Respect to Future Earnings," with James Myers, Linda Myers, and Mike Stuart. Review of Accounting Studies, 20, 2015.
  • “The Media and Mispricing: The Role of the Business Press in the Pricing of Accounting Information,” with Nick Guest and Brady Twedt. The Accounting Review, 89 (5), 2014.
  • “Optimistic Reporting and Pessimistic Investing,” with Ted Christensen and Jake Thornock. Contemporary Accounting Research 31 (1), 2014.
  • “Investor Information Demand: Evidence from Google Searches around Earnings Announcements,” with Darren Roulstone and Jake Thornock. Journal of Accounting Research 50 (4), 2012.
  • “Tax System Characteristics, CEO Incentives, and Corporate Tax Avoidance: International Evidence,” with T. J. Atwood, James Myers and Linda Myers. The Accounting Review 87 (6), 2012.
  • “A Re-examination of Analysts’ Superiority over Time-Series Forecasts,” with Mark Bradshaw, James Myers and Linda Myers. Review of Accounting Studies, 17 (4), 2012.
  • “Short Interest as a Signal of Audit Risk” with Cory Cassell and Stephanie Rasmussen. Contemporary Accounting Research 28 (4), 2011.
  • “Should Investors Follow the Prophets or the Bears? Evidence on the Use of Public Information by Analysts and Short Sellers,” with Lynn Rees and Edward Swanson. The Accounting Review 86 (1), 2011.
  • “Analysts’ Accrual-Related Over-Optimism: Do Analyst Characteristics Play a Role?” with Linda Myers. Review of Accounting Studies 16 (1), 2011.
  • “Book-Tax Conformity, Earnings Persistence and the Association between Earnings and Future Cash Flows,” with T. J. Atwood and Linda Myers. Journal of Accounting and Economics 50 (1), 2010.
  • “Disclosure Quality and the Mispricing of Accruals and Cash Flow,” with James Myers and Linda Myers. Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance 24 (3), 2009.

Professional Experience

  • Ernst & Young LLP, Auditor, Salt Lake City, (2003 to 2005)
  • Arthur Andersen LLP, Auditor, San Francisco, (2001)


  • Brigham Young University Young Scholar Award, 2016
  • Marriott School Outstanding Research Award, 2016
  • Marriott School Ethics Teaching Award, 2015
  • PwC Fellowship, 2013 to present
  • Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, 2007


  • Spanish

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