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Emory University- Goizueta Business School

Emory University is a private university located in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory's Goizueta Business School is home to an accounting department that offers students a PhD in accounting. You can find information about the PhD accounting program here or general information about Emory's PhD business programs here.

The Accounting Program

The stipend at Emory is $26,000 a year, for up to five years. Some people have chosen to rent around the campus area for around $700 - $900 a month and others have even purchased homes in the suburbs for less than $150,000.

Emory has weekly archival and experimental brownbags that provide an opportunity for students and faculty to sign up and share research ideas in a less formal setting.

Students are provided their office space from the start of the program. Students are not required to teach, but paid teaching opportunities can be made available. Students only have to TA twice so they can focus on classes and research.

Emory has good mix of archival and experimental faculty and they do not expect you to have a preferred method when entering the program. Experimental and archival faculty do a good job or supporting each other, both frequently attend each others' brownbag, and the majority attend weekly workshops.

Living Conditions

Atlanta has a climate that is described as having warm summers and very moderate winters. The cost of living in Atlanta is 12% above the national average.


LDS Church Information

There is a temple in Atlanta.

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