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Some people spend a lot of money preparing for the GMAT. For those of you that are price sensitive, this can be somewhat daunting. Fortunately, there are quite a few resources that can be accessed for free. My recommendation is to start by going to and reading their overview of the test, so you have an idea what you will be facing. Then download their free GMATPrep® test-preparation software. In my opinion, this practice test is the most accurate predictor of your performance on the actual GMAT. One nice thing about this software is it has a large test bank, so you can take the test multiple times without repeating very many questions.

The leading GMAT review companies also offer free practice tests. Go to and, to see practice tests from Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, and Princeton Review. Each of these practice tests are designed to be adaptive like the real GMAT. These companies also offer some free study guides on their websites if you need them.

The last website that I recommend taking advantage of is This is basically a forum where people that are preparing for, or have already taken, the GMAT get together and ask for help. There are lots of problem sets that you can go through. The answers to these practice questions are usually posted on the forum as well. Another fun tool this website offers is the GMAT score calculator. It allows you to input your scores from the practice tests and then predicts what score you will get on the actual test. GMAT club has lots of other great resources that you can look through as well, such as study plans, reviews of the various test prep companies, etc.

Taking the GMAT is already expensive. Why spend hundreds of dollars more getting ready when you can have all these resources at no cost. There are lots of other free practice tests out there too. I’ve only mentioned the ones that I believe to be the most reputable.

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