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The Graduate Statistics Minor isn't as easy as it used to be - STAT 511 and 512 no longer count towards the required courses. This would be something to consider if you have extra room in your schedule your senior year or would like to jump right into graduate level statistics courses.


Graduate Statistics Minor

Why Get It?

  • You get to start taking graduate level statistics courses right away (no need to wade through prerequisites like in Economics). If you get into the program late, but have a good mathematical and analytical backround, this alternative route might be right for you.


Application Instructions

  • Complete your Grad Plan to map out all of the classes you will take and have it approved by the Ph.D. prep program coordinator. This is then submitted to Julie Averett so it will appear in MyMap (this may be changed in future semesters as the MyMap development project continues).
  • Complete the Graduate Statistics Minor Declaration Form.
  • Submit your application to Julie Averett for processing.
  • Your minor should appear on your MyMap within a few weeks as well as a new Graduate Committee Member from the Statistics Department.

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