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Faculty and Professional Positions

Research Interests

  • Experimental Economics and Game Theory
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Investor Psychology

Selected Publications

  • Nelson, M.W., Bloomfield, R., Hales, J., and R. Libby. 2001. The effect of information strength and weight on behavior in financial markets, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 86 (2): 168-196.
  • Bloomfield, R., and J. Hales. 2002. Predicting the next step of a random walk: Experimental evidence of regime-shifting beliefs, Journal of Financial Economics, 65 (3): 397-414.
  • Hales, J. 2007. Directional preferences, information processing, and investors’ forecasts of earnings, Journal of Accounting Research, 45 (3): 607-628.
  • Hales, J., and S. Kachelmeier. 2008. Predicting relative performance in economic competition, Journal of Behavioral Finance, 9: 187-192.
  • Hales, J. 2009. Are investors really willing to agree to disagree? An experimental investigation of how disagreement and attention to disagreement affect trading behavior, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 108: 230-241.
  • Bowlin, K. O., Hales, J., and S. J. Kachelmeier. 2009. Experimental evidence of how prior experience as an auditor influences managers’ strategic reporting decisions, Review of Accounting Studies, 14: 63-87.
  • Bloomfield, R. and J. Hales. 2009. An experimental investigation of the positive and negative effects of mutual observation, The Accounting Review, 84 (2): 331–354.
  • Hales, J. and M. Williamson. 2010. Implicit employment contracts: The limits of management reputation for promoting firm productivity, Journal of Accounting Research, 48 (1): 147-176.
  • Hales, J., Kuang, X., and S. Venkataraman. 2011. Who believes the hype? An experimental investigation of how language affects investor judgments, Journal of Accounting Research, 49 (1): 223-255.
  • Clement, M. B., Hales, J., and Y. Xue. Understanding analysts’ use of stock returns and other analysts’ revisions when forecasting earnings, Journal of Accounting and Economics, In Press.

Working Papers

  • Accounting for Lease Renewal Options: The Tradeoff between Transaction Structuring and Informational Effects (with Shankar Venkataraman and T. Jeffrey Wilks)
  • A Review of Academic Research on Statement of Cash Flow Reporting and Presentation Effects (with Steven Orpurt)


  • American Accounting Association Doctoral Consortium Fellow (2000)
  • Deloitte & Touche Foundation Doctoral Fellowship (2000)

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