How can I build my research pipeline while in my Ph.D. program?

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Brainstorming Ideas

One idea is to apply Elder Scott's approach to receiving revelation; carry a note card and write down any thoughts and ideas that might come to you during the day.

Another way to come up with ideas for research topics to fill the pipeline is to follow the advice of Brian Tracy, a professional sales trainer. Anytime a pressing issue is facing you, sit down and write a question at the top of a sheet of paper. Then, write down 20 ideas to answer that question. Some of the ideas may be the opposite of a previous idea; i.e. one idea might be to study how pro forma statements affect the behavior of investors, the opposite would be how pro forma earnings does not affect the behavior of investors. Usually the first several ideas will come easily, but it is usually the last two or three ideas that will be the best and can solve a question at the top of the page. Do this every day and eventually you will have so many great research ideas that you will not have enough time to do research on all of the great ideas you have come up with.

Have an effective brainstorming session with colleagues who are co-authoring with you on a project. Spend 45 minutes to an hour coming up with ideas. Every idea mentioned is written down. The longer the list of ideas the better. It is usually the last few ideas that will solve a problem better than any other solution. No one is allowed to comment on ideas that have been made because the purpose is to come up with ideas, no matter how stupid or ineffective an idea might seem.

Selecting from a List of Ideas

Choose the best one.

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