How do I get into a research intensive PhD program?

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  • Study for the GMAT and get a good score. At "top" schools, most students will have a GMAT score of 700 or above with a minimum of 600. (However, the GMAT is just one factor in your application.)
  • Take your Ph.D. Prep Track courses seriously and learn as much as possible.
  • Get research going with faculty. Take your ideas to them and take initiative so you have the opportunity to have co-authored work in progress.
  • Apply to programs that fit your needs and interests. This is critical as those Ph.D. prep students who have not finished their Ph.D. did not fit well at the schools where they began studying.
  • Your statement of purpose is very important. Make sure you spend a lot of time crafting this document and have several individuals read it and comment on it.
  • Get good letters of recommendation. Although you cannot control what is written about you, you should be professional in your interactions with faculty. A good letter of recommendation can go a long way, and a mediocre letter can shut doors very quickly.
  • Consider attending an academic conference during Fall of your last year in the MAcc. Doing so will allow you to meet the faculty you could be working with at schools, and making a decision to accept you is much easier if the faculty have met you and know that you are into research enough to go to academic conferences. In the 2007-2008 year, I know of two students that attended conferences, who, as a result of going, got into the program they decided to go to.

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