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There are many different research skills needed to conduct research. Some of these skills have taken great time and effort to develop. If you are willing to share you skill sets with others (as a coauthor or a consultant), please indicate any special research skills (or knowledge) you may have that you are willing to share.



There are many ways to be successful in the research dimension of the profession. One way is to specialize by developing an individual strength in an area. You may be able to attract coauthors if you are especially proficient as a writer, SAS programmer, can get access to unique data, can get access to specialized subjects, have a lot of of money, etc. While it is important to be proficient in multiple areas, you may want to also consider how to develop a specialty in one particular area.

Analytical Skills and Knowledge

Time Series Analysis

Archival Skills and Knowledge

Experimental Skills and Knowledge

Structural Equation Modeling

  • David Wood - I have a basic understanding of structural equation models and programs used to test structural equation models. Please contact me and I'll try to be of assistance.

Factor Analysis vs. Principal Components Analysis

  • Ron Guymon - While I don't have extensive experience with exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and principal components analysis (PCA), I do have some understanding of the differences and similarities between them, when to use them, and how to perform them with SAS. I'll be glad to offer any help.

Other Skills and Knowledge

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