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About the Ph.D. Prep Program

BYU's School of Accountancy offers a specialized PhD Prep Track as part of the Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) degree. The program is designed to prepare students to enroll in a Ph.D. program in accounting at another university after finishing their master’s degree. Students in both the five-year integrated program and the two-year graduate program are eligible to apply to the PhD Prep Track. The program involves Ph.D.-style seminars to learn about research and academic work, as well as coursework in mathematics, econometrics, and statistics.
Students who participated in this program have been highly successful in placing at research intensive Ph.D. programs. Those who complete their Ph.D. in accounting enter a field where there is high demand, and it is projected that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. Starting salaries for new professors in accounting are two to four times higher than starting salaries for MAcc graduates.

Learn more about the Prep Track by reading the History of the Prep Track.

The BYU Accounting Community

How many doctoral students from BYU are interested in Archival Financial research? Who of the current BYU faculty has earned their Ph.D. from Indiana University? Which research interest is the most popular among current Ph.D. Prep students? Who could you ask about Cornell's Ph.D. program?
We've collected information to create a sortable list of alumni, faculty and friends of BYU as well as information on each major university. These resources help current faculty, doctoral students, Ph.D. Prep students and potential doctoral students with networking and knowing who to talk to for information.
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BYU Alumni and Friends
Hinkley Center Building
University Information


* The 2017 BYU Accounting Research Symposium Schedule is now posted. Take a look.

Deciding if a Ph.D. is for you?

If you've decided to pursue a Ph.D., it is important to know what is ahead of you. In accounting, and many other disciplines, a doctoral degree is required to work as a university professor. Professors split their time between doing research and teaching students. They enjoy flexibility and satisfaction while striving to make a difference in the world. The following links will help you understand a career in academia and what to expect.
Life as a Doctoral Student
Life as a Professor
Life as a Doctoral StudentLife as a Professor
Applying to a Ph.D. Program
Preparing for a Doctoral Program
Applying to a Ph.D. ProgramPreparing for a Doctoral Program
What is Accounting Research?
What is Accounting Research?The GMAT

Advice, Suggestions and Resources

This site is meant to provide useful advice, suggestions, and resources for all users, whether interested in a Ph.D. or already in a doctoral program. Information is separated by topical area:
Ph.D. Prep Track and Doctoral Student Q&A
Ph.D. Prep Track and Doctoral Student Q&AResearch
Teaching and Service
Other TOpics
Teaching and ServiceOther Topics

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