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Northwestern University

Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois. Northwestern is home to the Kellogg School of Management, whose MBA program is regularly ranked in the top 5. The accounting professors at Northwestern teach MBA classes because there is not an accounting program. Here is the link to information about their doctoral programs (general information) and the accounting doctoral program.

Living Conditions

Evanston is just north of Chicago and is part of what is called the North Shore area. Evanston has a population of 75,000 giving it the feel of a small college town. There are plenty of stores and restaurants in downtown Evanston, and Evanston is a great place to go for a walk. There are many interesting stores, a beautiful shoreline and streets full of large old-styled homes. Many people who live in the North Shore area work in Chicago but want to live in a quiet suburban area. There are multiple trains to facilitate transportation to and from Chicago. Housing in parts of Evanston can be very expensive. There are some cheaper areas in the southern part of Evanston, but they are going through gentrification. Evanston has an excellent public school system.

Doctoral Program

Kellogg Building

After two years of classes there is a prelim covering the topics in the four accounting seminars. There are two financial archival seminars (Capital Markets, Positive Accounting) and two analytical seminars (Information Economics and Accounting, Agency Theory and Accounting). Students take each seminar once for credit and generally sit in on the seminar one additional time. The pass rate on the prelims has been relatively high in recent years, but it is normal for students to fail one of the portions of the exam. If this does occur students are able to retake the failed portion a few months later.

Northwestern is on the quarter system and students are required to take 4 classes each quarter. Many classes will be taken from the Econ department which is actually housed in the business school and works closely with Kellogg. The strength of Northwestern's Econ department is a great asset to Kellogg. Northwestern is highly ranked in game theory, econometrics and microeconomics. Northwestern is very strong in archival and analytical research. These two groups will often work together on research projects to incorporate theory and archival findings.

PhD students are not required to teach classes while in the program. In fact it is very rare that they are even allowed to teach because there are only MBA classes. However, beginning in the second year students are required to TA or RA to receive a portion of their stipend. The requirement to be a TA or RA is one of the best ways to get to know the faculty at Northwestern.

Workshops occur almost every Wednesday afternoon. Here is a list of the workshops this year. PhD students are given a time slot to meet with the workshop participant.


LDS Church Information

There is a family ward and a singles branch. The family ward covers the cities of Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka and a couple others. The ward has a good mix of graduate students, and families in all phases of life. At any given time there are about 15-20 grad students and their families in the ward. The ward has experienced a lot of growth recently. The chapel is in Wilmette and is about a 10 minute drive (4 miles). The Chicago Temple is about 20 minutes away (10 miles). The ward loves having the grad students and is especially happy to have PhD students who are a little more permanent than MBA students.

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