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This page lists current non-accounting faculty, doctoral students, and working-practitioners with ties to BYU. For information on specific universities, click here.
Sort the table by clicking on the boxes next to the title of each column. (Note: to sort the list by Academic Area and then by Current Institution, sort first by Current Institution and then by Academic Area. Follow this pattern for sorting on multiple levels.)

NameCurrent InstitutionStatusPhD - Granting InstitutionGraduation DatePrimary Academic AreaSecondary InterestPrimary Research MethodologyTeaching Interest
Bednar, JeffUniversity of MichiganDoctoral StudentUniversity of Michigan2012 (exp)Organizational Behavior
Childers, JamiePurdue UniversityDoctoral StudentPurdue University2016 (exp)InternationalAuditArchivalAudit
Curtis, JeremyUniversity of UtahDoctoral StudentUniversity of Utah2016 (exp)FinancialArchivalFinancial
Crawford, EeanUniversity of IowaFacultyUniversity of Florida2011Organizational Behavior
Gao, CathyCentral University of Finance and Economics (China)Doctoral StudentCentral University of Finance and Economics (China)2012 (exp)FinancialAuditArchivalFinancial
Hall, DaveDoctoral StudentAIS
Hamilton, AaronBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2012 (exp)AuditFinancialArchivalAudit / Archival
Hernandez, ZekeWashington University - St. LouisFacultyUniversity of Minnesota2011Strategy
Heyland, TaylorBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2015 (exp)TaxFinancialArchivalTax
Huber, ParkerBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2015 (exp)AuditFinancialExperimentalAudit
Jang, SunnyBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2012, April (exp)AuditFinancialManagerial
Johnson, CoryUniversity of GeorgiaDoctoral StudentUniversity of Georgia2013 (exp)TaxTax
Lewis, BenCornell UniversityDoctoral StudentCornell University2013 (exp)Management
Miskell, BrianBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2013 (exp)
McKinley, DebbieBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2012 (exp)
O'Bryant, KaitlinBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2012 (exp)
Radebaugh, LeeBrigham Young University Will retire summer 2013FacultyIndiana University1973InternationalFinancialArchivalInternational
Randall, BoydBrigham Young University Will retire summer 2013FacultyUniversity of Minnesota1972TaxTax
Savage, JeffUniversity of IllinoisDoctoral StudentUniversity of Illinois2015 (exp)Organizational Behavior
Skousen, BradUniversity of IllinoisDoctoral StudentUniversity of IllinoisInternational Business
Stephens, DanBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2012 (exp)AuditArchival & ExperimentalAudit
Wagner, DavidSingapore Management UniversityFacultyMichigan State University2009Organizational Behavior
Smith, GordonBrigham Young UniversityFacultyThe University of Chicago Law School1990 (J.D.)Law
Bednar, MikeUniversity of IllinoisFacultyUniversity of Texas - Austin2008Strategic Management
Bradley, BretUniversity of OklahomaFacultyUniversity of Iowa1994Organizational Behavior
Gardner, RobertRetiredFacultyUniversity of Texas - Austin1979TaxTax
Peacock, BrooksProfessional
Reed, JeffBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2016 (exp)TaxArchivalTax
Rowley, TrumanBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2016 (exp)AuditManagerialExperimentalAudit & Managerial
Stewart, DaveFacultyUniversity of Florida1980TaxTax
Tuttle, BradRetiredFacultyArizona State University1991AISAuditExperimental
Zhang, SharonBrigham Young UniversityPh.D. Prep Student2013 (exp)ManagerialFinancialManagerial
Zollinger, KellenIndiana UniversityDoctoral StudentIndiana University2020 (exp)ManagerialEthicsExperimentalManagerial

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