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Standford University Graduate School of Business -- Knight Management Center

Stanford University is located in Stanford, California (near Palo Alto, and about 45 minutes from San Francisco). Here are some links to information about Stanford's doctoral business program and to its Ph.D. in accounting.

The Doctoral Program

Stanford offers a Ph.D. in Business, with an emphasis in Accounting (this is similar to many other programs). Stanford's faculty does empirical (archival) and theoretical (analytical) research, and students receive thorough training in both methodologies (though students will specialize in one). Faculty have diverse research interests and work closely with students from the very beginning of the program. Students are assigned a different faculty mentor each quarter during the first year and will read papers, discuss research ideas, or work on research projects (depending on the faculty member and the student's skills and interests). Students choose their mentor in the second year. The faculty describe the PhD program as the "crown jewel" of the Graduate School of Business (GSB).

For doctoral students, the GSB offers a full-tuition waiver, health insurance for the student, and an additional stipend. Stanford's stipend is higher than most other universities to compensate for the higher cost of living (especially housing).

The GSB built a new state-of-the-art facility in 2009-2010 to house the business school. Students across disciplines have office space together, encouraging collaboration in coursework and research. Students in later years can have offices right next door to faculty offices if desired.

Students generally take econometrics and economics courses in the business school, although students may take courses from the economics department or statistics department if they choose. Accounting students have theoretical and empirical seminars. The faculty also teach a seminar of current research in particular areas of accounting (unique to Stanford's program), helping students to stay abreast of the cutting edge research in the field.

Student Housing

Escondido Village -- Graduate Housing

Most graduate students live in Escondido Village (EV), a collection of studio apartments (for single students), 1BR (for couples without children), and 2BR and 3BR apartments (for families with children). Single students live in studio apartments in buildings with other singles. Couples without children live in eight-story midrise buildings with other couples. Families with children live in single units with an upstairs. The apartments for families with children back up to large, fenced in parks that are shared with other families. The parks have swings, toys, and other play equipment for children as well as benches for adults to sit and visit.

EV frequently sponsors activities in order to help students get to know other students in their community. These can include dinners, trips to a Drive-In theatre, or cultural activities at Stanford. Walking paths with beautiful landscaping connects each of the housing units, and the complex has tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts available for student use. There is even a community garden which students can use to grow food.

The weather in Palo Alto is especially nice. Stanford is a walking and biking community; the majority of students and faculty do not drive a car to campus. The public transportation system in Stanford, Palo Alto, and San Francisco is well developed, but having a car is helpful.


LDS Church Information

Married students living in graduate housing are split between two family wards in the area, while single students attend a singles ward nearby. The nearest temple is in Oakland, California (about 1 hour drive from Stanford).

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