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Improvements to be made

YouTube video at the right needs to be repositioned so it looks like it's supposed to be there. There are problems when the resolution is low or the window is smaller.

Outline of Page

The outline of the page should lend itself to understanding of both those who are and those who are not familiar with accounting research. To do this, it may help to make it progressive in detail, giving both overview and depth making it easy to scan and full of information.

That said, please contribute to this end:

What is accounting research?

  • Accounting Defined
  • Research Defined
  • Accounting Research Defined

What kinds of things can be researched?

List the different types of research and maybe cite examples and how they helped in the real world.

How research is conducted

  • Scientific Method of Research
  • Ten Steps to Good Accounting Research:
  • Sharing Your Research
    • Research Workshops

Research Topics

List the different topics.

List a research questions as examples.

Research Methods

List of the Methods of research

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