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The Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio. The department of Accounting and Management Information Systems is part of the Fisher College of Business. Darren Roulstone, a BYU graduate, is the director of the accounting doctoral program at Fisher (you can contact him by email at:, or call: 614-292-1822).

For information on the PhD program in Accounting, click here.

Each week the accounting department holds a seminar discussing current issues in accounting as part of its Workshop Series.

Living Conditions

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and has a population of approximately 750,000 making it the 15th largest city in the U.S. The university is located north of the downtown area. Numerous suburbs extend out around the university including Upper Arlington and Dublin to the north-west, Hilliard to the west, and Worthington and Powell to the north. The city has a diversified economy with state government and education playing major roles along with major automotive (Honda), financial (Nationwide Insurance), and medical (Cardinal Health) companies.


Program Highlights

  • Total enrollment of 8-10 PhD students
  • Four Deloitte Foundation Fellowship winners in the past five years
  • On the PhD student invitation list for the Journal of Accounting and Economics conference
  • Faculty strengths in financial archival and managerial analytical with active researchers in tax, audit, and experimental economics

LDS Church Information

The church has a strong presence in Columbus with four stakes (Columbus Ohio, Columbus Ohio North, Columbus Ohio East, and Columbus Ohio South) and a temple.

There are two young single adult wards: The Columbus Ohio East stake includes the Columbus 1st (YSA) ward; while the Columbus Ohio stake includes the Columbus 2nd (YSA) ward. In addition, married and single graduate students are common in family wards in the area especially in wards close to the university. With a business school, medical school, dental school, law school, and numerous other graduate programs, the LDS graduate student population is relatively high. The Columbus Ohio Institute offers classes to roughly 200 students from Ohio State and other colleges and universities in the area. The Columbus, Ohio temple is located roughly 15 minutes west of the university, just off I-270, the beltway loop that circles Columbus.

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