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University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The university is home to the Sam M. Walton School of Business, which has undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral accounting programs. You can find general information about the University of Arkansas' PhD programs here and information about the accounting PhD program here. The university also boasts a top-10-rated Information Systems department.

The Accounting Doctoral Program

The goal of the Ph.D. program in accounting is to develop accounting scholars who will pursue academic careers at research-oriented universities. The environment is very collegial at Arkansas and faculty and students get along well. Students and research faculty generally go to lunch together on Fridays and there are many opportunities to socialize with faculty outside of regular work hours. There’s a real “work hard, play hard” environment.

Accounting students work in shared offices directly across the hall from research faculty. The school provides individual computers and printer access. Students are encouraged to attend conferences and most students attend at least one conference annually.

Almost all students have coauthored work with faculty because the program requirements include two summer papers which may be coauthored with faculty. In addition, students can work on coauthored papers as part of their Research Assistant assignments and can approach faculty with additional paper ideas. Students receive a lot of faculty guidance through coauthoring and by presenting their papers at the weekly workshop series. Workshops are held on Fridays each week and faculty from other schools are sometimes invited to present papers. Students have the opportunity to meet with visiting faculty over lunch and are often invited to faculty homes to have dinner with visiting speakers.

The PhD program in accounting at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas focuses exclusively on empirical, archival accounting research. Students take at least four empirical, archival seminars during the program but the emphasis can vary (and can include capital markets, disclosure, auditing, taxation, or international, depending on which faculty offer seminars). There are no experimental or analytic accounting seminars or faculty. The heavy focus on empirical, archival accounting research allows almost all students complete the program in four years. Coursework is completed in two years and prelims are taken after the second year of coursework. Prelims are applied in nature and the pass rate is high. Students awarded a grade of "conditional pass" are permitted to do extra work to remediate any deficiencies and students who do not pass on first writing are permitted to retake prelims.

Students are required to teach a total of five sections during their time in the doctoral program. Most teach this over a total of three semesters (so 1-2-2) and have no more than two different preps. Students can request to teach financial accounting (intro through intermediate II), managerial accounting, information systems, auditing, or taxation.

Living Conditions

The climate in Fayetteville is characterized as having all four seasons. Fayetteville's cost of living is 13.51% lower than the national average. You can find more basic information about Fayetteville here. With Wal-mart headquarters about 20 minutes up the road in Bentonville and Tyson Foods and JB Hunt next door in Springdale, there are many possibilities for research collaboration with practitioners.


LDS Church Information

There is a student ward and two family wards in Fayetteville. The closest temple is Oklahoma City (3.5 hours). There are two stakes in close proximity: Springdale (includes Fayetteville) and Rogers (includes Bentonville).

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