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University of California - Berkeley

The University of California - Berkeley is a large university located in Berkeley, California. Cal-Berkeley's Haas School of Business is home to an accounting program that offers students both undergraduate and graduate accounting degrees. You can find information about the PhD accounting program here or general information about Cal-Berkeley's PhD programs here. Cal-Berkeley is also home to the Center for Financial Reporting and Management

Living Conditions

Berkeley has a climate that is characterized as dry in the summer and wet in the winter, with average high temperatures ranging from high 50's to low 70's. The cost of living in Berkeley is approximately 70% above the national average. The city and the surrounding area is a very diverse, vibrant place with an urban feel. Berkeley has a very high concentration of excellent restaurants and there are all kinds of cultural, athletic, and other events going on all the time. San Francisco is 30 minutes away, redwood forests are 30 minutes away, and you can be in Lake Tahoe skiing in about 3 hours.

Where to Live

Married graduate students can apply to live in University Village, which is located in Albany (four miles from campus). There is frequent city bus service between the Village and campus and students can get free bus passes from the University. The Village has a variety of apartment sizes. For rental rates and other information, see the University Village website. There is often a waiting list for the Village, but most people seem to get in pretty quickly.

North Berkeley or Albany are the best places to live for those who want close proximity to the University. Both towns have a very walkable, urban feel and allow quick and easy access to the university by bus or by bicycle (students generally can't get campus parking permits and there is very little affordable public parking nearby). Slightly cheaper housing is generally available further north in El Cerrito. Housing in Richmond (north of El Cerrito) is also more affordable, but this is a high-crime area. South Berkeley and North Oakland are also higher-crime areas and are not good choices for finding housing. For a more suburban feel, the east side of the Berkeley/Oakland hills is a good option. In Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga and Walnut Creek houses have bigger yards and things generally feel more like a suburb than a downtown area. From these areas you can ride BART to the University and then take a free shuttle to the business school (the nearest BART stop is about a mile from Haas). Some students also live in San Francisco, which is a 30-40 minute BART ride from the University. Rent in San Francisco will generally be higher than in Berkeley and the surrounding area.

Although you can get around reasonably well on a bicycle or the bus in Berkeley, most students with families have a car.

Local Schools

In the area around the university, Albany elementary and middle schools are generally considered to be the best and children living in the Village would attend these schools. Because of high demand, it is difficult to enroll children in Albany schools if they don't live in Albany. In Berkeley, many elementary school children are assigned to schools that are not near their home because of school district policies aimed at creating diverse student bodies.

Albany High School is also good, but has a more limited offering of courses and programs than Berkeley High, which is much larger.


LDS Church Information

There are two wards in Berkeley - the Berkeley First Ward (family) and the University Ward (singles). The First Ward meets in a building two miles from campus and about half the members are graduate students and their families. Most ward members live in North Berkeley or Albany, with a large concentration of graduate students in the University Village (U.C. Berkeley graduate student housing). The University Ward meets in an Institute building a couple blocks from campus. Both wards belong to the Oakland Stake, which also includes several Oakland wards and several wards on the east side of the Berkeley/Oakland Hills. The Oakland Temple is about 20 minutes away.

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