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University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is a public university located in Storrs, Connecticut. UConn's business school is home to an accounting department that offers students bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in accounting. The Public Accounting Record recently ranked UConn's undergraduate program as 24th in the nation and the graduate program as 18th in the nation. You can find information about the PhD accounting program here or general information about UConn's graduate programs here.

Living Conditions

The climate in Storrs can be described as somewhat rainy and snowy during the winter, with a high in July of around 80 degrees and a low in January of 17 degrees. The cost of living in Storrs is slightly above the national average.


LDS Church Information

The closest temple is currently in Boston, Massachusetts (about 2 hours drive). A temple has been announced and will soon be built in Hartford, Connecticut.

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