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The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here are some links to general information about Michigan's doctoral business programs and to its accounting Ph.D. program.

The Accounting Doctoral Program

The goal of the Ph.D. program in accounting is to develop the next generation of accounting scholars capable of pursuing academic careers at leading research-oriented universities.

The faculty are very friendly and open at Michigan. They welcome students coming to them with ideas, and many students have coauthored work with faculty. The PhD students are very collegial at Michigan, often going out to lunch together and helping each other on all sorts of stuff. All students know all the other students in the program very well. Workshops are held on Friday's, with faculty coming from other schools to present papers. After the workshop, there is "Peanut Hour", where all the faculty and students have a dinner and drinks, providing an amazing time to chat with faculty on a regular basis. Like at all other times, faculty are very friendly and open to chatting about anything.

Michigan has a very highly ranked MBA program (depending on the ranking and year, anywhere from 1st to 10th), and the MBA classes are very helpful. However, there are a few undergraduate accounting classes taught to BBA students, and Michigan does have a small MAcc program, so, there is more accounting here than just what MBAs learn.

The PhD program in accounting at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan focuses primarily on empirical financial accounting research. There are two empirical and two analytical seminars that are mandatory at Michigan. There are no experimental seminars, and no experimental faculty.

There is a summer paper required in your first and second summer. These papers are both presented in front of all PhD students and faculty. The faculty are extremely helpful and kind during these presentations. Prelims are after the second year, and cover all four seminar classes. If you fail, you are able to retake that portion of the prelim that same summer. Sometimes, students are awarded "conditional passes", where they must sit through the class again to pass.

First year accounting students get a cube in a large room full of PhD students. Older students get shared offices near the faculty. There is a computer allowance of $2,000 in the first year of the program. In the third year there is a $2,000 conference allowance. The Ross School just got a new building. It is very nice, and has some pleasant features, like an in house gym that PhD students are eligible to use for a $100 per semester fee.


LDS Church Information

Many current and former PhD prep track students have lived at Northwood Family Housing. It is about 3.5 miles away from the business school, and is readily accessible via bike or with the free campus shuttle, which passes by every 10 minutes. Commuting from Northwood is very easy. In addition, there is a married student ward that is restricted to those who live in the Northwood community. The ward is very tight knit and interactive, and since most of the ward lives within very close walking distance, is a unique environment for a location outside of Utah.

The nearest temple is in Detroit, Michigan (about 1 hours drive).

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