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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Accounting department is part of the Kenan-Flagler Business School. Here are some links to information about UNC's doctoral business program and to its accounting concentration.

The Doctoral Program

The doctoral program in accounting at UNC provides students with a rigorous and unique experience. Similar to other doctoral programs in accounting, students take a number of courses in microeconomic theory, game theory, probaobility theory, and econometrics. However, doctoral students at UNC are expected to take between seven to ten doctoral seminars in various accounting disciplines—the typical doctoral curriculum requires only four seminars. In past years, the following seminars have been available to students:

  • Introduction to Empirical Accounting Research
  • Capital Markets, International Accounting, and Research methods
  • Corporate Governance, Cost of Capital and Debt Contracting
  • Accounting Research in Taxation
  • Taxes and Capital Markets
  • The Research Process

While not formally required, UNC students are strongly encouraged to take other accounting research seminars at Duke University, which include Empirical Accounting Reseach, two seminars on Analytical Accounting Research and another on Intermediate Empirical Accounting Research. In addition, students are also strongly encouraged to take seminars offered in the Finance and Economics department (e.g., asset pricing theory, empirical asset pricing, empirical corporate finance, Market Micorstructure). Students graduating from the accounting department at UNC can expect to be well-educated in not only the accounting literature but also the finance and economics literature.

The doctoral program in accounting at UNC provides students with practical research exposure. Upon entrance in the program in the first semester students can expect to be assigned as a research assistant to a faculty member. Students will continue as a research assistant for the first three years in the program. In addition to being a research assistant doctoral students will be expected to teach one class (one section) during one semester while a doctoral student.

First-year students are required to complete a first year summer paper that will be presented in front of faculty in the second year. Research topics for the first year summer paper are typically original works that are approved by the student’s faculty advisor. Often these papers turn into co-authored papers with the student’s advisor, and sometimes these papers will turn into the student's dissertation.


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The nearest temple is in Raleigh, North Carolina (about 40 minutes drive).

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