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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is home to the Wharton School. Here are some links to general information about Penn's doctoral business programs and to its accounting Ph.D. program.

The Doctoral Program

The objective of the Wharton Ph.D. program in Accounting is to train students to be successful academic researchers. To this end, the program is designed to provide students with opportunities to learn to develop their own research ideas and to learn to implement appropriate research methods. Students learn these skills in the classroom, through mentoring relationships with faculty members, and through “on-the-job” training by serving as a research assistant to faculty and by writing their dissertation. Students who complete the program should have a dissertation and other research in progress that credibly communicate to the academic community their skills and potential for future success as a researcher.

The program is highly analytical and quantitative. Thus, a strong undergraduate preparation in microeconomics and mathematics is an advantage, as is some prior training at the undergraduate or graduate level in accounting or finance.

For doctoral students in accounting, the Wharton School covers the cost of tuition and provides a stipend sufficient to meet the cost of living expenses. Additionally, doctoral students receive financial assistance to cover computing resources and some conference travel.


LDS Church Information

The nearest temple is currently in Washington D.C. (about 3 hours drive), but a new temple has been announced and will be built in Philadelphia.

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