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Marshall School

The University of Southern California is in the University Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. USC is California's oldest private research university as it was founded in 1880. Also, USC is home to the Marshall School of Business and the Leventhal School of Accounting.

Here are some links to USC's accounting Ph.D. program and to additional information about its doctoral business programs.

The Doctoral Program

USC's accounting doctoral program is small, exclusive and high quality. Its aim is to place students in elite research universities in the U.S. and abroad. Toward this end, USC devotes considerable resources and time towards developing its students.

USC offers its doctoral accounting students a full tuition waiver, an annual stipend and health and dental insurance.

More information including contact information, education, biographies, research interest, and vitae may be found on USC website

Accounting Research Seminars

Students are required to take the following seminars:

  • Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting by Sarah Bonner
  • Positive Agency Theory/Contracting Research in Accounting by Mark DeFond
  • Survey of Research in Financial Reporting by KR Subramanyam
  • Managerial Accounting Research by David Erkens

Each one of these seminar is offered every other year. This means during the first two years in the program, a student will take one of these seminars each semester.

Qualification Exams

The qualification exams consist of a written part and an oral part.

Written Qualification Exam

Students will be tested on each of the four accounting research seminars in addition to a set of directed readings. Questions will come from the professors who offered the seminar. The exams are closed book and closed notes. Student are also asked to read and critique a working paper. They are asked to write a formal review of the working paper.

Oral Qualification Exam

After passing the written qualification exam, students are then asked to develop a research idea and present it to a committee of professors selected by the student. During the presentation the professors will ask questions regarding the research project. Ideally this research idea will develop into a publishable paper thereby contributing to the students future academic qualifications.

Living Conditions

Ph.D. students attending USC usually live within a couple of blocks of campus or a good commuting distance away(10 to 20 miles). Students who commute to school live in areas that include: Culver City, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Alhambra.

Campus Saftey

The Department of Public Safety affords students with protection on and around campus.

How do I get to campus?

Public Transportation

Some students use public transportation, including buses and the metro, to commute to campus. For example, the metro Gold Line connects Pasadena with Union Station. Student passes are available. Currently, the one way fare is $1.25. USC provides a free tram/bus service from Union Station to the University Park Campus (UPC). Tram schedules can be found here.

Commuting to Campus

Other students drive to campus. There are a number of parking structures on or near campus. Students may obtain yearly parking passes by paying a fee per semester. More information about parking on campus can be found here.

Options if you live near campus

While the primary mode of transportation for many undergraduate and graduate students who live near campus is a bicycle or a skateboard, USC tram services run bus routes through neighborhoods close to campus. More information about these routes can be found here. USC also provides a shuttle service for students called 'Campus Cruiser.' This shuttle service is intended to be used when students feel unsafe walking to or from campus after dark. More information about this service is found here.


LDS Church Information

There is a temple in Los Angeles.

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