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The University of Washington is located in Seattle, Washington, not too far from downtown. It is well known for having faculty who excel at both archival capital markets research and experimental research. Here are links to general information about Washington's doctoral business programs and to its accounting Ph.D. program.

The Doctoral Program

The goal of the University of Washington Ph.D. program is to graduate well-rounded accounting scholars who are capable of producing relevant and rigorous accounting research aimed at top-tier accounting journals (such as The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, and Journal of Accounting Research). The curriculum is designed to expose students to a variety of research areas and methodologies, including economics-based archival research as well as psychology-based, experimental research. The faculty believes that diversity in research produces a richer learning environment that benefits the faculty and Ph.D. students. The program also aims to develop students’ teaching skills and to prepare them for teaching at the highest level. Ideally, graduates will obtain faculty positions at leading research universities.

Washington has had a lot of success with PhD preparation track members, and considers them reliable and hard workers.

Many of their faculty co-author a great deal with students, and it is not uncommon for students to come out with working papers. The faculty at the University of Washington really like it there. They have notoriously low turnover, and currently, the average professor there got a PhD in 1993.

University of Washington students get the opportunity to teach classes. They are quiz section leaders, which means that after a professor has taught one very large class, PhD students then teach smaller groups the material more in detail. On average, students get to do this about every other quarter. The University of Washington is on a quarter system, so the program starts late September and ends mid-June. Students get one quarter off per year.

The University of Washington is highly successful with handing out Deloitte Fellowships, and have a nearly perfect record of recommended students receiving the award. The Universities of Washington's stipend varies from year to year, and is anywhere from 18,000 to 24,000, depending on the year.

University of Washington -- Seattle

Living Conditions

There is married student campus housing available at highly subsidized rates, making Seattle a much more affordable place to live. There is sometimes a wait associated with accessing this housing.

Biking is big, and several of the accounting faculty commute to campus on bike nearly year round.


LDS Church Information

The Church is strong in Seattle, with over 17 stakes in the greater Seattle area. The Seattle temple is close to the University, only about 13 miles away.

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