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Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is a mid-sized (approximately 13,000 students) private institution located a short distance outside of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The accounting department is part of the Olin Business School. Here is a link to general information about their doctoral programs. For information on the accounting concentration, see here.

Living Conditions

The St. Louis metropolitan area is very livable city and offers affordable housing. St. Louis offers many conveniences and attractions. For example, Lambert Airport is a hub for Southwest and American Airlines, and offers a variety of direct flights to locations within the continental U.S. An excellent metro system provides easy (and free to Washington University students) transportation within the metropolitan area, so it is very feasible to live a ways away from the university without having to incur a costly commute. However, there are very affordable housing options within walking distance from the university. According to the university’s website, “Among the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., St. Louis ranks 2nd in the most-affordable housing market. Most Washington University graduate students live in one of the many privately owned apartments located within a 10-block radius of the school. Both furnished and unfurnished rooms, apartments, and houses are available.”

Washington University offers a generous financial aid package including full tuition remission, minimum $22,000 stipend for up to 5 years, and 2/3 of University health insurance fee.

In addition to professional sports teams, theaters, and orchestra, St. Louis offers a host of family-friendly entertainment including at least three major children’s museums, a botanical garden, shopping malls, and an eclectic selection of restaurants. One of the major family attractions, Forest Park, forms the eastern border of the campus and contains a free science museum, zoo, art museum, history museum, and 10 miles of bike / running paths. It also contains a 27-hole public golf course, an outdoor ice-skating rink, paddle boats, an outdoor theater, and hosts a number of seasonal activities such as a hot-air balloon fest. Washington University’s athletic complex has an indoor pool, track, weight room, fitness center, and outdoor track and tennis courts. Access is free to full-time students, and family memberships are available for purchase.

The Doctoral Program

Doctoral Seminars

Currently, doctoral students enroll in a capital markets accounting seminar offered every fall. This seminar is taught by Rich Frankel. Students are required to take this seminar every year of the PhD. Additionally, first-year doctoral students enroll in a finance seminar taught by the finance faculty.

Other Doctoral Program Requirements

In August of each acamedic year, doctoral students are enrolled in a three-week intensive math review hosted by the Economics department. First year coursework includes microeconomics, analysis, and empirical methods. Additionally, students enroll in finance coursework including asset pricing. Students must complete two years of coursework with selective additional courses depending on dissertation focus. Students are required to pass a qualifying exam after the third semester to continue in the program. Students are required to replicate and extend a paper during the summer after their first two years and present it to the accounting department. During the first year of the program, students are not required to teach or assist faculty as a research assistant. In subsequent years, students are required to spend approximately 400 hours per year as a teaching or research assistant.

Unique Characteristics of the School

There are currently only five accounting PhD students, which is a very favorable faculty-to-student ratio. While the number of faculty has historically been small, Washington University is planning on significantly increasing the size of its faculty over the next few years. Students receive support for research and funding for academic conferences. First-year doctoral students are not required to teach or be a research assistant to receive the stipend. First-year doctoral students share a computer lab, then assigned a cubicle and personal desktop computer for future years. Doctoral students have access to extensive online databases including WRDS. Students also have access to SAS, Stata, and other statistical packages. Other program perks include free printing and access to purchase Microsoft products (e.g., Windows 7 and Office 2010) at substantially reduced prices.


The St. Louis, Missouri Temple

LDS Church Information

There are three stakes in St. Louis area, and two young singles branches. Currently, approximately 140 students are enrolled in institute. There are many young student families attending one of the three major universities in St. Louis. The St. Louis temple is located about 20 minutes west of campus, and the Nauvoo temple is about two hours north. Nauvoo is another excellent family attraction. The Nauvoo pageant takes place every July.

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