Where can I learn about job openings?

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An important (albeit unofficial) source of information about job openings is word of mouth. Be sure to tap into your network to find potential openings. Talking with other people who are also on the job market is particularly valuable in identifying job openings you may not be aware of since they have likely done some research on available opportunities.

The most comprehensive listing of job openings for accounting professors is on the AAA's Placement Center.

SSRN also maintains current professional job listings on its website.

In addition, you can find job postings at the Chronicle's Careers site. The Chronicle of Higher Education is an online source for news, information, and jobs for faculty members and administrators. Most of the jobs listed here are more teaching focused.

Higheredjobs.com has a long list of open accounting faculty positions. Most of the jobs listed here are more teaching focused.

If you have a specific university that you are interested in, you might also try searching their website for a job posting. Many schools list postings through their human resources department, and some post them directly on the accounting department or business school website.

Many of these job postings will list specific areas that the school is interested in hiring people in (i.e. audit, tax, financial, managerial, etc.). If a particular university has a job opening but their desired area doesn't fit your background, my advice is to send a packet anyway. Often schools change their minds part way through the recruiting process as things change for them. Also, many times they are willing to shuffle some teaching assignments in order to make room for a new hire if that new hire is a good fit with their school. The cost to you of sending a packet to a school you are interested in is very low, so don't limit your opportunities on your own...let the school weed you out if you really don't fit what they are looking for.

Notice: Not all schools that are planning on interviewing (or hiring) post an ad with the AAA or SSRN. Therefore, my advice to any rookie going on the market is to send a packet to any school you are interested in, even if you don't see a formal job announcement for the position. (The incremental cost of sending out an extra packet is nil...but the potential reward is great.)

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