Authors Whose PhD Has Not Been Found

Please click on any names for whom you know something about their PhD training and graduation.
Author Name Grad Year PhD Univ
Abdul-Rahim, Jo Year? No PhD
Achleitner, Ann-Kristin Year? University of St. Gallen
Adafula, Christopher Jwayire Year? Not Found
Adams, Sarah L. Year? Not Found
Adhikari, Ajay Year? Virginia Commonwealth University
Adler, Paul S. Year? University of Picardie Jules Verne
Adler, Ralph Year? Massey University Albany
Afonso, Paulo Sergio Year? Not Found
Agrawal, Prerana Year? No PhD
Ahadiat, Nasrollah Year? Not Found
Ahmed, Zeeshan Year? Mississippi State University
Aisbitt, Sally Year? Not Found
Akresh, Abraham D. Year? Not Found
Alencar, Paulo S. Year? Not Found
Alexander, Cindy R. Year? No PhD
Alford, Sarah J. Year? No PhD
Allen, Joyce S. Year? No PhD
Allen, Paul W. Year? Mississippi State University
AlNajjar, Fouad K. Year? University of Strathclyde in Glasgow
Altschuler, Dora Year? Northwestern University
Alvis, Charles Year? Not Found
Alwis, Dee Year? Brunel University
An, Heng Year? University of Alabama
Andre, James M. Year? Not Found
Andros, David P. Year? No PhD
Angel, Jack Year? No PhD
Ansari, Shahid Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Appelbaum, Deniz Candidate Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Archel, Pablo Year? Not Found
Arens, Alvin A. Year? Not Found
Armour, Mark Year? No PhD
Arnaiz, Oscar Gutierrez Year? University of Zaragoza
Arnold, Andrew Year? Not Found
Arthur, Neal Year? UNSW Sydney
Asdal, Kristin Year? Not Found
Ashraf, Junaid Year? University of Essex
Ashton, David Year? University of Warwick
Austill, A. David Year? University of Tennessee Knoxville
Axel Haller, Kai-Uwe Marten Year? Not Found
Azizkhani, Masoud Year? Not Found
Bagwell-Kreiser, Jennifer Year? No PhD
Bailey, Allan R. Year? University of California, Los Angeles
Bailey, Derek Year? Not Found
Baines, Annette Year? Not Found
Baird, Kevin Year? Not Found
Baker, Richard E. Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baldwin, Bruce A. Year? Not Found
Ballantine, Joan A. Year? Not Found
Banzhoff, Caitlin A Year? No PhD
Barclay, Lizabeth A. Year? Wayne State University
Barenbaum, Lester Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Baril, Charles P. Year? University of Florida
Barker, Patricia C. Year? Not Found
Baronina, Tatyana Year? Not Found
Bartley, Jon Year? University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Barton, Thomas L. Year? Not Found
Bashir, T.H Year? Not Found
Basoglu, Kamile Asli Year? Washington State University
Batista-Foguet, Joan-Manu Year? Escuela Superior de Administracion y Dir...ESADE
Baumgarten, Daniel Year? Not Found
Baumker, Michael Year? No PhD
Bay, Darlene Year? Not Found
Bayer, Frieda A. Year? Not Found
Bayliss, Margaret Year? Not Found
Bayou, Mohamed E. Year? University of Cincinnati
Bazilevich, Leonid A. Year? Not Found
Bazley, John D. Year? University of Minnesota
Beaubien, Louis 2013 Not Found
Becker, Connie L. Year? No PhD
Becker, Lana L. Year? Not Found
Beed, Teresa K. Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
Belghitar, Yacine Year? Not Found
BeMiller, Stephen M. Year? No PhD
Ben-Menachem, Mordechai Year? Not Found
Benke, Ralph L. Year? Florida State University
Bennett, Mark Year? Not Found
Bergevin, Peter M. Year? Arizona State University
Berlin, Barbara L. Year? No PhD
Berman, Eric S. Year? Not Found
Berndt, Helmut Year? Not Found
Bernstein, Mark Year? No PhD
Bertheussen, Bernt Arne Year? Not Found
Bertin, William J. Year? Kent State University
Bertrand, Robert M. M. Year? Not Found
Bertz, Julie Year? No PhD
Best, Peter J. Year? Not Found
Bezemer, Dirk J. Year? Not Found
Bhamornsiri, Sak Year? University of Tennessee Knoxville
Bierman, Jonathan D. Year? No PhD
Biggs, Philip Year? Not Found
Bik, Olof Year? Not Found
Bilinski, Pawel Year? University of Manchester
Billiot, Mary Jo Year? Not Found
Biondi, Yuri Year? Bocconi University
Birkett, Brenda Stewart Year? Louisiana State University
Bisman, Jayne Year? Not Found
Bititci, Umit Year? Not Found
Bitner, Larry N. Year? Not Found
Bittner, Joseph Year? No PhD
Black, Christopher Year? No PhD
Blair, Bill Year? Not Found
Blanchet, Jeannot Year? No PhD
Blayney, Paul Year? No PhD
Blocher, Edward J. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Blokdijk, Hans 1964 Not Found
Blomquist, Christopher Year? No PhD
Bloomfield, Brian P. Year? Open University
Bloomfield, Matthew J. Candidate University of Chicago
Blue, Eugene Year? Not Found
Blue, Michael A. Year? No PhD
Blumstein, Howard Year? No PhD
Board, J. L. G. Year? Not Found
Boden, Rebecca Year? Not Found
Boedeker, Russell R. Year? Not Found
Boger, D. C. Year? Not Found
Boland, Gregory Year? Not Found
Boley, Richard Year? University of Texas at Austin
Bolt, Susan Year? Not Found
Bonanno, Helen Year? Not Found
Bonenkamp, Ute Year? Not Found
Bonnier, Carole Year? Not Found
Boockholdt, James L. Year? Not Found
Boocock, J. Grahame Year? Not Found
Borges, Janete Year? Not Found
Bottom, Eric Year? No PhD
Boubakri, Narjess Year? Laval University
Bouilheres, Frederique Year? No PhD
Bourn, Michael Year? Not Found
Boyce, Gordon Year? Not Found
Boynton, William C. Year? Michigan State University
Bradbard, David A. Year? Not Found
Braithwaite, John Year? University of Queensland
Braun, Lucas W. Year? No PhD
Brazelton, Julia K. Year? University of South Carolina
Brazina, Paul Year? No PhD
Brecht, H. David Year? University of Texas at Austin
Brezina, Matthew Year? No PhD
Brierley, John A. Year? University of Huddersfield
Briggs, Gary P. Year? No PhD
Briggs, John Year? Not Found
Brisley, Neil Year? INSEAD
Brown, Clifford D. Year? Michigan State University
Brown, John L. Year? Not Found
Brown, Karen L. Year? Not Found
Brown, Nigel Year? No PhD
Brown, Paul R. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Brown, Reva Berman Year? University of Bradford
Brueggemann, Richard I. Year? No PhD
Bruggeman, Werner Year? No PhD
Bruns, Hans-Georg Year? Not Found
Bryer, Alice Rose Year? University of Manchester
Budge, Bruce P. Year? University of Minnesota
Bullock, James H. Year? Oklahoma State University
Burkert, Michael Year? Not Found
Burkhardt, Katrin Year? Not Found
Burmeister, Sandra L. Year? No PhD
Burns, John Year? University of Manchester
Burrows, Geoff Year? No PhD
Bushong, J. Gregory Year? Louisiana State University
Busse von Colbe, Walter Year? Not Found
Bycio, Peter Year? Not Found
Bygrave, Jenny Year? Not Found
Byrne, Marann Year? Dublin City University
Byrnes, Paul Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Caglio, Ariela Year? Not Found
Cahill, Philip Year? Not Found
Cai, Charlie X. Year? University of Leeds
Cai, Ye Year? Not Found
Caldwell, Mary Beth Year? Not Found
Callon, Michel Year? Not Found
Calomme, Guy J. Year? Not Found
Cameran, Mara Year? Bocconi University
Cameron, Craig Year? Not Found
Camfferman, Kees Year? Not Found
Campbell, John Year? Griffith University
Cannizzaro, Anthony P. Year? George Washington University
Cao, Min Year? Not Found
Capelo, Carlos Year? Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Capettini, Robert Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cargile, Barney R. Year? University of Missouri
Carlson, Marvin L. Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carlson, R. Loring Year? No PhD
Carmichael, Patrick Year? University of Leeds
Carney, R. Year? Not Found
Carr, Pamela S. Year? Oklahoma State University
Carr, Rodney Year? Not Found
Carr, Shirley A. Year? Not Found
Carreira, Pedro M. R. Year? No PhD
Carslaw, Charles A. Year? No PhD
Carter, Kelly E. Year? University of South Florida
Carter, William K. Year? Not Found
Carver, M. Robert Year? University of Missouri
Cataldo, A.J. Year? Virginia Tech
Cates, Tommy A. Year? University of Memphis
Cenker, William J. Year? Kent State University
Cereola, Ronald J. 2012 Not Found
Cerf, Douglas C. Year? University of California, Davis
Chaffey, Jenna Year? Not Found
Chakraborty, Vasundhara Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Chan, Ann Ling-Ching Year? Not Found
Chan, Francis Year? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chan, Hung C. (Leon) Year? University of Houston
Chan, Terence Year? Not Found
Chan, Yoke Kai Year? Not Found
Chapman-Vasill, Lynette Year? Not Found
Charkey, Barbara Year? Not Found
Chase, Linda G. Year? Kent State University
Chatterjee, Bikram Year? Not Found
Chau, Gerald Year? University of Warwick
Cheatham, Carole B. Year? Not Found
Cheatham, Leo R. Year? Not Found
Chen, Al Y. S Year? Not Found
Chen, Andrew N. K. Year? University of Connecticut
Chen, Hsin-Chi Year? Not Found
Chen, Joyce T. Year? Not Found
Chen, Tsung-Kang Year? National Taiwan University
Cheng, Suwina L. S. Year? University of Bath
Cheramy, Shirley J. Year? No PhD
Cherubini, Jason Year? No PhD
Chi, Hsin-yi Year? Not Found
Chia, Yew Ming Year? Not Found
Chiang, Bea Year? Drexel University
Chiasson, Michael A. Year? Not Found
Chin, Chen-Lung Year? Not Found
Chiou, Jeng-Ren Year? Baruch College-The City University of New York
Chircop, Justin Year? Not Found
Choi, Jongmoo Jay Year? New York University
Chong, Chee Leong Year? No PhD
Chou, Yan-Yu Year? Not Found
Chow, Lynne Year? Not Found
Christensen, Mark Year? Not Found
Christodoulou, Demetris Year? Louisiana State University
Chu, Ling Year? No PhD
Chung-Ki Min Year? Not Found
Chung, Tze Ki Jennie Year? Not Found
Chychyla, Roman Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Cichello, Michael S. Year? Michigan State University
Ciconte, William Candidate University of Florida
Ciesielski, Jack Year? No PhD
Citron, David B. Year? City University London
Clark, D. Cecil Year? Not Found
Clarke, Frank Year? Retired or Emeritus
Clarke, Jonathan E. Year? University of Pittsburgh
Clemons, Roy Year? Texas A&M University
Coates, John C. Year? Not Found
Cochrane, Jim Year? Not Found
Coe, Martin Year? Not Found
Coe, Teddy L. Year? Not Found
Coetzee, Stephen A. Year? Robert Gordon University
Cokins, Gary Year? Not Found
Coletti, Angela L. Year? No PhD
Collett, Peter H. Year? Not Found
Collins, William A. Year? University of Washington
Collison, David Year? No PhD
Combes, Linda Year? Not Found
Comiskey, Eugene E. Year? Michigan State University
Considine, Brett Candidate London School of Economics and Political Science
Considine, Judith M. Year? No PhD
Constable, Philip Year? Not Found
Cook, Ellen D. Year? No PhD
Cook, J. Michael Year? No PhD
Cooley, Philip L. Year? Not Found
Cooper, Barry Year? RMIT University-Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Copeland, James E. Year? Georgia State University
Copeland, Ronald M. Year? Not Found
Cordery, Cindy Year? Not Found
Coronado, Freddy Year? Michigan State University
Corrado, Charles Year? Not Found
Correia, Maria Year? Stanford University
Corsaro, Susan Year? Not Found
Cosset, Jean-Claude Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Costello, Fiona Year? Not Found
Coughlan, John W. Year? Johns Hopkins University
Courtois, Cynthia Year? Laval University
Coutts, J. Andrew Year? Not Found
Coyne, Michael P. Year? University of Connecticut
Craig, Russell Year? Not Found
Crandall, Dickie Year? Not Found
Crawford, Dean Year? University of Rochester
Crawford, Louise Year? University of Edinburgh
Crawford, Peggy J. Year? Purdue University
Crockett, James R. Year? Not Found
Croll, David B. Year? Not Found
Crooch, G. Michael Year? Not Found
Crowe, John Year? Not Found
Cruz, Ines Year? ISCTE - Portugal
Cuevas-Rodrí­guez, Gloria Year? Not Found
Cull, Michelle Year? No PhD
Curtis, George E. Year? No PhD
Cuthbertson, Robert Year? Not Found
D'Adderio, Luciana Year? University of Sussex
D'Antonio, Louis J. Year? University of Colorado Denver
D'Aquila, Jill M. Year? New York University
da Rocha Lopes, Samuel Year? ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon
da Silva, Carlos Gomes Year? Not Found
DaCrema, Joseph J. Year? Not Found
Daff, Lyn Candidate University of South Australia
Dai, Jun Candidate Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Dale-Jones, Gillian Year? Not Found
Daly, Anne Year? Not Found
Damens, Jeffrey Year? No PhD
Davidson, Lewis F. Year? Not Found
Davies, Marlene 2012 Not Found
Davis, David Year? Not Found
Davis, Glenda Year? Not Found
Davis, James R. Year? Georgia State University
Davis, Ophera Year? No PhD
Davison, Jane Year? University of London
De Creus, Gertjan Year? No PhD
de Kok, Ties Candidate No PhD
DeAngelis, Matthew D. Year? Michigan State University
Dearden, Stuart Candidate No PhD
DeBerg, Curtis L. Year? Oklahoma State University
DeBoskey, David G. Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Deck, Alan B. Year? University of Alabama
Defeo, Victor J. Year? No PhD
Degeling, Pieter Year? Not Found
Delfgaauw, Tom Year? No PhD
Demerens, Frederic Year? Not Found
Demirakos, Efthimios G. Year? University of Manchester
Dempsey, Stephen J. Year? Virginia Tech
Deng, Xuefei (Nancy) Year? Carnegie Mellon University
Dent, Jeremy F. Year? University of Southampton
Desai, Naman K. Year? Florida State University
Desmond, Nancy Year? No PhD
Detzen, Dominic Year? HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Deville, Aude Year? Not Found
Dezalay, Yves Year? Not Found
Dibben, Mark Year? Not Found
Dickfos, Jennifer Year? Duquesne University
Diga, Joselito G. Year? Not Found
Dillon, Gadis J. Year? University of Michigan
Dillon, Ray D. Year? Texas Tech University
Ding, Rong Year? University of Warwick
Dittenhofer, Mortimer A. Year? American University Washington, DC
Dobbins, Paul S. Year? No PhD
Dolgoff, Aaron Year? Not Found
Donelan, Joseph G. Year? Not Found
Donnelly, Bridget D. Year? No PhD
Donoso, Rafael Year? Not Found
Doran, John Year? Not Found
Doran, Martha S. Year? Arizona State University
Dou, Ying Candidate UNSW Sydney
Doucet, Thomas A Year? University of Georgia
Dowis, William B. Year? Louisiana Tech University
Drake, Julie Year? Not Found
Drieenhuizen, Fred Year? No PhD
Du Plessis, Annekie Year? Not Found
Du, Hui Year? Rutgers-Camden
Duffy, Wendy A. Year? Not Found
Durden, Chris H. Year? Massey University
Durden, Joe Candidate Nova Southeastern University
Durney, Michael Year? Cornell University
Dutillieux, Wouter Candidate Catholic (Katholieke) University of Leuven
Dyball, Maria Cadiz Year? No PhD
Dyer, Travis Candidate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dykxhoorn, Hans J. Year? Michigan State University
Ebert, Nadine Year? Not Found
Ebrahim, Ahmed Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Eckstein, Claire Year? No PhD
Eddy, Albert R. Year? Not Found
Edwards, Pam Year? No PhD
Eichman, Glenda Year? No PhD
Eierle, Brigitte Year? Not Found
Einig, Sandra Year? University of the West of Scotland
Eisenrieder, Kathrin Year? No PhD
Ekanayake, Dimuthu Year? Not Found
El Ghoul, Sadok Year? Laval University
Eldridge, Charles Year? No PhD
Elfrink, John A. Year? Saint Louis University
Ell, Victor Year? No PhD
Elliott, Robert J. Year? University of Cambridge
Elliott, William B. Year? University of Arizona
Ellis, David R. Year? No PhD
Ellison, Larry D. Year? No PhD
Elmy, Frederick J. Year? No PhD
English, Linda Year? University of Sydney
Engstrom, John H. Year? No PhD
Eprile, Brenda Year? No PhD
Erb, Carsten Year? Not Found
Erickson, Matthew J. Candidate University of Arizona
Escobar-Rodríguez, Tomas Year? Not Found
Eskenazi, Philip I Candidate Erasmus University Rotterdam
Espenlaub, Susanne Year? University of Oxford
Essex, Patricia A Year? Not Found
Evans, Jon Year? University of Wales
Evans, Patricia Year? Not Found
Everaert, Patricia Year? No PhD
Everett, John O. Year? Oklahoma State University
Ezzell, William F. Year? No PhD
Faccio, Mara Year? Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
Fallan, Lars Year? Not Found
Fanelli, Russell Year? Not Found
Farewell, Stephanie Year? University of Oklahoma
Farrington, Sukari Candidate University of South Florida
Fauré, Bertrand Year? Not Found
Fearnley, Stella Year? Not Found
Feldman, Ronen Year? Not Found
Fell, Robert S. Year? Not Found
Fender, Elizabeth A. Year? Not Found
Ferguson, Darnel M. Year? Not Found
Ferguson, John Year? Not Found
Ferlie, Ewan Year? University of Kent
Fiedler, Brenton Andrew Year? No PhD
Fields, Kent T. Year? Not Found
Finley, Wayne Year? Not Found
Finnerty, John D. Year? Naval Postgraduate School
Fischer, Mary L. Year? University of Connecticut
Fischer, Michael Daniel Year? Imperial College London
Fisher, Cathy Year? Not Found
Fitzgerald, Tristan Year? Not Found
Flanigan, Mary A. Year? Virginia Commonwealth University
Flegm, Eugene H. Year? No PhD
Flinn, Ronald Year? Not Found
Florou, Annita Year? University of Warwick
Fogarty, John A. Year? No PhD
Fonseca, Lariane Year? Swinburne University of Technology
Forrest, J.Patrick Year? University of Kentucky
Fouch, Scott R. Year? Oklahoma State University
Fox, Alison Year? Not Found
Fox, William F. Year? The Ohio State University
Francalanza, Charles A. Year? No PhD
Francis, Bill B. Year? University of Toronto
Frank, Kimberly E. Year? Not Found
Franklin, Ellie Year? No PhD
Franzel, Jeanette M. Year? Not Found
Frecka, Thomas J. Year? Syracuse University
Freedman, Ruth Year? Stanford University
Freeman, Mark Year? No PhD
Fretwell, Phillip Z Year? Practice
Friar, Shirley Year? University of Texas at Austin
Frishkoff, Patricia A. Year? Kent State University
Frishkoff, Paul Year? Stanford University
Froud, Julie Year? University of Manchester
Frow, Natalie Year? Not Found
Fu, Honglin Candidate Nankai University
Fukui, Yoshitaka Year? Not Found
Fulton, Benjamin Year? No PhD
Fung, Lucia Year? University of Western Australia
Fung, Michael K. Year? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Funnell, Warwick Year? Not Found
Gabbioneta, Claudia 2014 Not Found
Gabriel, Susan L. Year? No PhD
Gainor, MaryElla Year? No PhD
Garamoni, Michael A. Year? No PhD
Geary, William T. Year? Northwestern University
Gee, Kurt H. Candidate Stanford University
Gelinas Jr., Ulric J. Year? Not Found
Gerhardt, Paul Year? Not Found
Gerson, James S. Year? No PhD
Ghaffari, Firoozeh Year? No PhD
Ghita, Razvan Candidate University of Amsterdam
Gibson, Thomas H. Year? Montana State University
Gietzmann, Miles B. Year? University of Durham
Gilsdorf, Jeanette W. Year? Not Found
Glavovic, Alma Year? No PhD
Gobeil, Jeff Year? No PhD
Goedde, Harold Year? No PhD
Goedl, Patricia A. Year? Walden University
Goh, Joshua O. Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Goldstein, James Year? Syracuse University
Gong, James Jianxin Year? University of Southern California
Gopalakrishnan, V. Year? Not Found
Gopi, Babu R. Year? Not Found
Gorman, Victoria Year? No PhD
Gow, Lyn Year? Not Found
Grabner, Isabella Year? No PhD
Gracia, Louise Year? University of Bath
Gradison, Bill Year? Not Found
Grafton, Jennifer Year? Not Found
Graham, Alan Year? Virginia Tech
Gräning, Andre Candidate Dresden University of Technology
Grant, Dwight Year? University of Pennsylvania
Grant, Neil Year? Not Found
Gray, Stephen Year? Not Found
Graziani, Rebecca Year? Not Found
Green, Edmund Year? Not Found
Green, Leland D. Year? No PhD
Green, Peter Year? University of Queensland
Green, T. Clifton Year? New York University
Greenberg, Rochelle K. Year? No PhD
Greener, Hugh T. Year? Not Found
Greenstein, Marilyn Magee Year? Not Found
Grider, Doug Year? Not Found
Grimm, Stephanie Dehning Year? University of Minnesota
Grinaker, Robert L. Year? No PhD
Grinnell, D. Jacque Year? Not Found
Gröjer, Jan-Erik Year? Not Found
Gross, Guy M. Year? No PhD
Grossman, Amanda M. Year? Not Found
Grottkeat, Markus Year? Not Found
Grubnic, Suzana Year? Not Found
Grudnitski, Gary Year? University of Massachusetts Amherst
Guan, Yanling Year? London Business School
Guénin-Paracini, Henri Year? Not Found
Guerreiro, Marta Silva Year? University of Minho
Guest, Nicholas M. Year? Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Guillamón-Saorín, Encarna Year? University College Dublin
Guina, Sarah Year? No PhD
Guinn, Robert E. Year? University of Alabama
Gullkvist, Benita Year? Not Found
Guney, Yilmaz Year? University of Durham
Gunn, Ruth Year? No PhD
Gunz, Sally Year? Not Found
Guo, Feng Candidate University of Kansas
Guo, Peng Candidate Louisiana State University
Gup, Benton Year? University of Cincinnati
Gurganus, Frankie E. Year? Not Found
Guthrie, Katherine Year? University of Michigan
Gutierrez, Fernando Year? Not Found
Habegger, Jerrell W. Year? Virginia Tech
Haddad, Joseph Year? No PhD
Hadden, Linda Year? Nova Southeastern University
Haggard, James A. Year? Not Found
Hagler, J. Larry Year? Not Found
Haight, G. Timothy Year? George Washington University
Halabi, Abdel K. Year? Monash University
Han, Jun Year? Nanyang Technological University
Hancock, Phil Year? Not Found
Hanlon, Dean Year? Not Found
Hänninen Sakari, Mark W. Year? Not Found
Hanson, Eric Year? No PhD
Hansson, Maria Martensson Year? Not Found
Hardies, Kris 2011 Not Found
Hardin, J. Russell Year? University of Mississippi
Hardy, Catherine Anne Year? UNSW Sydney
Harrigan, Fiona Year? No PhD
Harrison, Keith E. Year? University of Kansas
Harte, George Year? Not Found
Hartley, Carol A. Year? No PhD
Hartley, Ronald V. Year? Not Found
Hartman, Bart P. Year? Not Found
Hasan, Iftekhar Year? University of Houston
Hasan, Mahreen Year? Not Found
Haslam, Colin Year? Not Found
Hass, Susan Year? No PhD
Hasselback, James R. Year? Michigan State University
Hawkins, Kyleen Whitehead Year? Louisiana Tech University
Hayes, Colleen Year? No PhD
Hazelton, James Year? Macquarie University
Hazelwood, Anita C. Year? No PhD
He, Shaohua Year? Not Found
He, Xianjie Year? Not Found
Heincke, Monica Year? No PhD
Heinrichs, Nicolas Year? Not Found
Heiser, Lindsay Year? No PhD
Heitger, Lester E. Year? Michigan State University
Helliar, Christine Year? University of Dundee
Henderson, David Year? Virginia Tech
Hennig, Cherie J. Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
Hentz, Brian Year? No PhD
Héroux, Sylvie Year? Not Found
Herring, Hartwell C. Year? University of Alabama
Hertenstein, Julie H. Year? Harvard University
Hess, Dieter Year? Not Found
Hetrick, Kamber Candidate University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hicks, James R. Year? Not Found
Higgins, Huong Ngo Year? Georgia State University
Higgins, J.Warren Year? Not Found
Higson, Andrew W Year? University of Bradford
Hill, Thomas J. Jr. Year? Not Found
Hiltebeitel, Kennth M. Year? Drexel University
Hirsch, Maurice L. Year? Washington University in St. Louis
Ho, Simon S.M. Year? University of Bradford
Hoag, Drew Year? No PhD
Hobson, Scott Year? No PhD
Hoeppner, Christopher J. Year? Not Found
Hogan, Thomas J. Year? University of Massachusetts Amherst
Holcomb, Terry Year? Indiana University Bloomington
Holland, Jonna Year? University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Holmen, Jay Year? University of Minnesota
Holmes, Scott Year? Not Found
Homburg, Carsten Year? Not Found
Höppe, Felix Year? Maastricht University
Hora, Judith Year? Virginia Commonwealth University
Horton, Joanne Year? Not Found
Hossfeld, Christopher Year? Not Found
Hostak, Peter Year? Northwestern University
Houghton, Clarence W. Year? No PhD
Houghton, Leigh Year? Not Found
Houmes, Robert E. Year? Florida Atlantic University
Houston, Arthur L. Jr. Year? Not Found
Houston, Melvin Year? No PhD
Howard, James A. Year? No PhD
Howieson, Bryan Candidate No PhD
Hsieh, Yu-Ting Year? National Taiwan University
Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsin Year? Lancaster University
Hu, Baiding Year? Not Found
Hu, Bingbing Year? Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hu, Michael Year? Not Found
Hu, Xiaoyan Candidate Not Found
Huelsbeck, David P Year? University of Southern California
Hughes, Hugh Year? University of Alabama
Hughes, Marie Adele Year? Not Found
Hughes, Peggy Ann Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Hunn, C. Stephen Year? No PhD
Hunter, Delroy M. Year? University of Warwick
Husillos, Javier 2007 Not Found
Hussain, Inam Year? Not Found
Hutchinson, Marion Year? Deakin University
Hutton, Marguerite R. Year? Not Found
Hwang, Angela L.J. Year? University of Houston
Hyun, Jeong-Hoon Year? Seoul National University
Iacobelli, Sandra Year? Not Found
Ihnatko, Tig Year? No PhD
Inoue, Tatsuo Year? Not Found
Iselin, Errol R. Year? University of Queensland
Jackling, Beverley Year? University of Melbourne
Jackson, Margaret Year? University of Melbourne
Jacobsen, Ben Year? Not Found
Jaenicke, Henry R. Year? University of Pennsylvania
Jancura, Elise Year? Cleveland State University
Jenkins, David S. Year? University of Maryland
Jenne, Stanley Earl Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jensen, Daniel L. Year? Not Found
Jeuttner-Nauroth, Beate Year? Not Found
Jian, Ming Year? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jiang, (Alicia) Liwei Year? Macquarie University
Johal, Sukhdev Year? Not Found
Johanson, Ulf Year? Not Found
Johed, Gustav Year? Not Found
Johnson, Clint Year? Not Found
Johnson, James N. Year? No PhD
Johnson, Peter M. Year? Arizona State University
Johnston, Carol G. Year? University of Melbourne
Johnstone, David J. Year? Not Found
Jones, Alan Year? Australian National University
Jones, Anna Year? Not Found
Jones, C. Stuart Year? Not Found
Jones, Janet Year? Not Found
Jones, Joanne Year? York University
Jones, John D. Year? No PhD
Jones, Kumen Year? Not Found
Jones, Megan Year? Not Found
Jones, Scott K. Year? Drexel University
Jongjaroenkamol, Prasart Candidate University of Texas at Austin
Jordan, Leland G. Year? George Washington University
Journeault, Marc Year? Not Found
Jubb, Christine A. Year? University of Melbourne
Jui-Chih, Wang Year? University of East Anglia
Jupe, Robert Year? University of Kent
Juras, Paul E. Year? Syracuse University
Kaenzig, Rebecca Year? University of South Carolina
Kagan, Dona M. Year? Not Found
Kalesnikoff, Doug Year? No PhD
Kallunki, Juha-Pekka Year? University of Vaasa
Kamp, Bart Year? Not Found
Kannan, Yezen H. Year? Florida Atlantic University
Kao, Alison Year? Not Found
Karapanos, Vassilios Year? No PhD
Karmon, David Year? Not Found
Karuga, Gilbert G. Year? Not Found
Kato, Yutaka Year? Not Found
Katsuo, Yuko Year? The University of Tokyo
Kearins, Kathryn 1997 Not Found
Keller, Gary Year? Not Found
Keller, J. Howard Year? No PhD
Keller, Joyce A. Year? Not Found
Kelley, Michael Year? Not Found
Kember, David Year? Not Found
Kenny, William J. Year? No PhD
Kent, Jenny Year? Charles Sturt University
Kenworthy, Amy Year? Not Found
Kern, Thomas Year? No PhD
Kettinger, William J. Year? University of South Carolina
Ketz, J. Edward Year? Virginia Tech
Khan, Sarfraz Year? University of Texas at San Antonio
Khan, Zafar U. Year? Louisiana State University
Khorana, Ajay Year? University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kido, Nolan Year? Not Found
Kidon, Filip Year? Not Found
Kidwell, Linda A. Year? Louisiana State University
Killian, Larita J. Year? Stanford University
Kim, Bum-Joon Year? Seoul National University
Kim, Eunhee Candidate Carnegie Mellon University
Kim, Michael W. Year? Not Found
Kim, Ryan Year? No PhD
Kim, Sohyung Year? University of British Columbia - Vancouver
King, Malcolm Year? Not Found
King, Richard S. Year? No PhD
King, Robyn Year? University of Queensland
Kiosse, Paraskevi Vicky Year? Lancaster University
Kirk, Elizabeth A. Year? No PhD
Kirkham, Linda M. Year? No PhD
Kistler, Linda H. Year? No PhD
Klemm, JoTisa Year? No PhD
Knights, d. Year? Not Found
Knipe, Patrick J. Year? No PhD
Knoeber, Brenda L. Year? No PhD
Knutson, Dennis Year? University of Kentucky
Ko, John Chi Wa Candidate UNSW Sydney
Koh, Moy Yin Year? Not Found
Koh, Ping-Sheng Year? University of Tasmania
Kornberger, Martin Year? Not Found
Koster, Frank J. Year? No PhD
Kousay, Said Year? Not Found
Kozlowski, Bette M. Year? No PhD
Krahel, John Peter Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Kranacher, Mary‐Jo Year? No PhD
Krcmar, Helmut Year? Not Found
Kreutzfeldt, Richard W. Year? No PhD
Kreuze, Jerry G. Year? University of Missouri
Krupka, George R. Year? No PhD
Kuasirikun, Nooch Year? Not Found
Kubichan, Terry Year? No PhD
Kunimura, Michio Year? Not Found
Kuorikoski, Jaakko Year? Not Found
Kwak, Byungjin Year? Purdue University
Kwon, Sewon Year? Seoul National University
Kyle, Donald L. Year? University of Arkansas
Kyviakidis, Peter Year? No PhD
Ladd, Robert T. Year? University of Georgia
Laguecir, Aziza Year? Essec Business School
Laing, Gregory K. Year? University of Wollongong
Lakshmi, Geeta Year? University of Exeter
Lambert, Kenneth R. Year? University of Arkansas
Larkin, Richard Year? No PhD
Larsen, H. T. Year? Not Found
Laslett, Glen Year? Not Found
Laswad, Fawzi Year? University of Sydney
Lau, Alice Year? No PhD
Lau, Chong M. Year? Not Found
Laughton, Janet Year? Not Found
Laurion, Henry Candidate University of California, Berkeley
Laux, Rick C. Year? Arizona State University
Lavia López, Oro Year? No PhD
Lawley, Mark A. Year? No PhD
Leach, David Year? No PhD
Leauby, Bruce A. Year? Drexel University
Lee, Edward Year? Not Found
Lee, Joonil Year? Seoul National University
Lee, Kevin Siow-Ping Year? No PhD
Lee, Ling-Chu Year? Not Found
Lee, Peter Year? Not Found
Lee, Yong J. Candidate Arizona State University
Lee, Yoon-Ho Alex Year? Yale University
Leech, Stewart Year? Not Found
Lehman, Glen Year? Flinders University
Lehman, Mark W. Year? University of Mississippi
Lemke, Kenneth W. Year? Not Found
Lerman, Alina Year? New York University
Leventis, Stergios Year? University of Strathclyde in Glasgow
Levy, Elliott S. Year? No PhD
Lewis, Philip A. Year? University of Cincinnati
Lewis, Troy Candidate No PhD
Lewis, Virginia L. Year? Not Found
Li, Leye Candidate UNSW Sydney
Li, Mu Year? No PhD
Li, Qingyuan Year? Not Found
Li, Shuhua Year? Not Found
Li, Yan Year? University of Alberta
Liang, Ying Candidate Baruch College-The City University of New York
Liao, Chih‐Hsien Year? Case Western Reserve University
Liao, Yi-Ping Year? National Taiwan University
Liao, Yichun Year? Not Found
Libby, Patricia A. Year? University of Michigan
Liebler, Robert J. Year? Not Found
Lightbody, Margaret Year? University of Adelaide
Lightner, Sharon M. Year? University of Oregon
Lim, Seung-Yeon Year? Seoul National University
Lin, Tzong-Huei Year? Not Found
Lin, Yu-Chen Year? National Taiwan University
Lin, Zhijun Year? Xiamen University
Linck, James S. Year? Arizona State University
Linssen, Shelly N. Year? Erasmus University Rotterdam
Litt, Barri Year? Florida International University
Liu, Chunhui (Maggie) Year? National University of Singapore
Liu, Min (Morris) Year? Hong Kong Baptist University
Liu, Pei-Yi Candidate National Chengchi University
Liu, Qi Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Liu, Sheen Year? Syracuse University
Livne, Tsafrir Candidate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Loeb, Stephen E. Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Logan, Lawrence B. Year? Not Found
Lohmann, Larry Year? No PhD
Lok, Stephen Year? Not Found
Lonborg, Kris Year? No PhD
Lont, David H. Year? Not Found
López-Espinosa, Germán Year? Not Found
Lorino, Philippe Year? Not Found
Lousteau, Carolyn L. Year? University of Texas at Arlington
Low, Liang C. Year? Not Found
Low, Mary Year? University of Waikato
Lowe, Dana Year? Not Found
Lowy, Steven M. Year? No PhD
Lu, Jeffrey Year? Not Found
Lubberink, Martien Year? University of Groningen
Lubich, Bruce H. Year? Pennsylvania State University
Lucas, Ursula Year? Not Found
Lui, Gladie Year? Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lulseged, Ayalew Year? Louisiana State University
Luo, Juan Year? Nanyang Technological University
Luther, Judy Year? No PhD
Lynch, Andrew A. Year? University of Missouri
Lyssimachou, Danielle Year? University of Manchester
Ma, Yue Year? University of Manchester
Maas, Jayne D. Year? Not Found
Maccracken, Harriet Year? No PhD
MacGregor, Jason E. Year? University of Florida
MacGuire, Christelle Year? No PhD
Mackintosh, Brandy 2012 Not Found
Makar, Stephen Year? Kent State University
Malaescu, Irina Candidate University of Central Florida
Mallie, Tina Y. Year? University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Malmquist, David H. Year? No PhD
Malone, J. David Year? Not Found
Maltby, Harry Year? No PhD
Maltby, Josephine 1978 Not Found
Mammano, Karyl A. Year? No PhD
Maples, Andrew J. Year? No PhD
Marinas, Brian C. Year? No PhD
Marisetty, Vijaya Bhaskar Year? Monash University
Markelevich, Ariel Year? Baruch College-The City University of New York
Markey, Edward J. Year? Not Found
Marks, Barry R. Year? Purdue University
Marquette, Penny Year? Not Found
Marra, Antonio Year? Università degli Studi G. dAnnunzio Chieti - Pescara
Marriott, Neil 1997 Not Found
Marriott, Pru Year? No PhD
Marsden, Stephen Year? No PhD
Marshall, P. Douglas Year? University of Maryland
Martens, S. C. Year? Not Found
Martin, L. Ann 2013 Not Found
Martin, Merle P. Year? Texas A&M University
Martini, Jan Thomas Year? Not Found
Mascha, Maureen Francis Year? University of Kentucky
Mata, Ana Year? University Lusófona
Mazay, Veronique Year? No PhD
Mazzola, Pietro 2014 Not Found
McAllister, John P. Year? Pennsylvania State University
McAulay, Laurie Year? Loughborough University
McCall, Allan L. Candidate Stanford University
McCarthy, Patricia A. Year? No PhD
Mcclelland, Lawrence A. Year? Not Found
McCombs, Gary B. Year? No PhD
McConnell, Cheryl A. Year? No PhD
McCourt Larres, Patricia Year? No PhD
McDonough, Ryan P. Candidate University of Michigan
McFerrin, Randy Year? Not Found
McGilsky, Debra Ertel Year? Not Found
McGowan, Sue Year? No PhD
McGrath, Neal T. Year? No PhD
McGuigan, Nicholas Year? No PhD
McIsaac, Claudia MonPere Year? No PhD
McKenzie, Phyllis Year? No PhD
McKeon, Joseph Year? Not Found
McKinney, C. Nicholas Year? Texas A&M University
McKnight, Constance A. Year? University of Arkansas
McLaughlin, Thomas D. Year? Not Found
McMath, H. Kent Year? Not Found
McNamee, Alan H. Year? University of Manchester
McNellis, Casey J. Year? Washington State University
McPeak, David Year? No PhD
McQuade, Ralph J. Year? No PhD
McQuilken, Dorothy Year? No PhD
Means, Kathryn M. Year? Not Found
Mehrpouya, Afshin Year? Essec Business School
Mehta, Kandarp Year? IESE Business School, University of Navarra
Melvin, Kenneth B. Year? Not Found
Mendoza, R. Year? Not Found
Mero, Neal P. Year? University of Florida
Metzger, Lawrence M. Year? Not Found
Meyer, Dan Year? University of Missouri
Meyer, Teresa S. Year? Vanderbilt University
Michaelsen, Robert Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michenzi, Alfred R. Year? Case Western Reserve University
Mikes, Anette Year? London School of Economics and Political Science
Milkman, Martin I. Year? Not Found
Miller, Karen C. Year? University of Mississippi
Millo, Yuval Year? Edinburgh Napier University
Mills, Patti A. Year? University of Rochester
Milner, Margaret Year? No PhD
Miltz, David Year? Not Found
Ming, Jin Year? No PhD
Mintz, Steven M. Year? George Washington University
Mitchell, Graeme J. Year? No PhD
Mitchusson, Karen Holland Year? No PhD
Mock, Rodney P. Year? University of Washington
Modell, Sven Year? Not Found
Mohamed Saat, Maisarah Year? Not Found
Mohr, Rosanne M. Year? Not Found
Monge-Lozano, Pedro Year? Not Found
Monsen, Norvald Year? Not Found
Moon, Philip Year? Not Found
Moore, Chris Year? No PhD
Moore, Giora Year? Not Found
Moore, James Year? University of Waterloo
Moore, Louella Year? University of Arkansas
Moore, Rebecca L. Year? No PhD
Moore, Stephen J. Year? Not Found
Moores, Charles T. Year? Not Found
Morgan, Robert G. Year? Not Found
Morris, Kevin Year? Not Found
Morton, Sanford Year? Not Found
Moser, Antony Year? Not Found
Mostyn, Gregory R. Year? No PhD
Müller, Heléne Year? University of Southern California
Munk, Claus Year? Aalto University
Murphy, Christine M. Year? No PhD
Murphy, Leslie A. Year? No PhD
Murphy, Tim 1988 Not Found
Myburgh, Jean E. Year? Not Found
Myers, Noah M. Candidate Arizona State University
Myllymäki, Emma-Riikka Year? University of Vaasa
Nabar, Sandeep Year? Not Found
Naranjo-Gil, David Year? Not Found
Natoli, Riccardo Year? Vrije (VU) University Amsterdam
Naughton, James P. Year? Harvard University
Navissi, Farshid Year? University of Auckland
Nekrasov, Alexander Year? University of Minnesota
Nelson, A. Tom Year? Not Found
Ness, George Van Year? No PhD
Neumann, Frederick L. Year? Not Found
Neururer, Thaddeus Candidate Boston University
Newman, Bernard H. Year? New York University
Newman, Harry A. Year? Northwestern University
Ng, Joeson Jun-Jin Year? No PhD
Nicholls, Curtis M. Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
Nie, Dongfang Candidate No PhD
Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra Year? University of Cologne
Niles, Marcia S. Year? University of Washington
Niskala, Mikael Year? No PhD
Njoroge, Joyce Year? Not Found
Norgaard, Corine T Year? University of Texas at Austin
Northcutt, Robert H. Year? Not Found
Northey, Margot Year? York University
Norton, Simon D. Year? University of Wales
Nowak, Beata Year? No PhD
Numan, Wieteke Year? Catholic (Katholieke) University of Leuven
Nunamaker, Thomas R. Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nurnberg, Hugo Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Nussbaumer, Norma Year? No PhD
O'Callaghan, Steve Year? No PhD
O'Clock, Priscilla M. Year? University of Nebraska-Lincoln
O'Connell, Brendan T. Year? Monash University
O'Connor, Thomas J. Year? No PhD
O'Connor, Walter Year? Baruch College-The City University of New York
O'Donnell, Joseph Year? State University of New York at Buffalo
O'Leary, Conor Year? Not Found
O'Neil, Cherie J. Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
O'Neill, Heather M. Year? Georgetown University
O'Regan, Philip Year? Not Found
O'Reilly, Anthony Year? Not Found
Oats, Lynne Year? University of Western Australia
Öhman, Peter Year? Not Found
Olds, Philip R. Year? Georgia State University
Oliverio, Mary Ellen Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Onumah, Joseph M. Year? University of Birmingham
Opatosky, Dustin Year? No PhD
Opdecam, Evelien Year? No PhD
Ordelheide, Dieter Year? Not Found
Ortegren, Alan Year? University of Arkansas
Owen, Gareth Year? Not Found
Owings, Guy W. Year? University of Missouri
Owsen, Dwight Year? Not Found
Ozkan, Neslihan Year? Boston College
Paisey, Catriona Year? Not Found
Paisey, Nicholas J. Year? No PhD
Palm, Chrisann Year? Queensland University of Technology
Palzer, Thomas J. Year? Not Found
Pan, Aixiang Year? Not Found
Pan, Fei Year? Not Found
Panaretou, Argyro Year? Lancaster University
Panozzo, Fabrizio Year? Not Found
Paquette, Laurence R. Year? University of Massachusetts Amherst
Parbonetti, Antonio Year? University of Pisa
Park, Min Candidate The Ohio State University
Parrish, Barbara K. Year? University of Arkansas
Parsons, W. Cameron Year? No PhD
Parwada, Jerry T. Year? Edith Cowan University
Pate, Gwen R. Year? University of Tennessee Knoxville
Patten, Ronald J. Year? Not Found
Pawlicki, Amy R. Year? No PhD
Payne, Mark D. Year? Practice
Peacock, Eileen Year? University of Birmingham
Peaden, David Year? Not Found
Pearson, Michael A. Year? Kent State University
Peek, George S. Year? University of Georgia
Peltier, Elisabeth Year? Baruch College-The City University of New York
Peng, Chih-Wei Year? University of Delaware
Perry Williams, Susan Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Peters, Katharina Year? Not Found
Petri, Enrico Year? New York University
Pettinicchio, Angela Year? Cass Business School
Pexton, Kyle Year? Not Found
Pezet, Eric Year? Not Found
Pflugrath, Gary Year? Not Found
Phelps, Raymond A. Year? Louisiana Tech University
Phillips, Barbara J. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Piechocki, Maciej Year? Technical University of Freiberg
Pierce, Andrew Candidate University of Arkansas
Pillay, Soma Year? Not Found
Pillsbury, Ceil Moran Year? Not Found
Platonov, Vladimir V. Year? Not Found
Platt, Marjorie B. Year? University of Michigan
Poe, April Year? University of Texas at San Antonio
Pollanen, Raili M. Year? Not Found
Pollock, Neil Year? Lancaster University
Poole, M. Year? No PhD
Pope, Peter F. Year? Lancaster University
Porco, Barbara M. Year? Fordham University
Porter, Brenda A. Year? Not Found
Porter, Stacey Year? Not Found
Portteus, Emily A. Year? No PhD
Posey, Clyde L. Year? Oklahoma State University
Powers, Marian Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Prasad, Acklesh Year? University of Queensland
Pratt, Cameron Year? No PhD
Preda, Alex Year? Bielefeld University
Pries, Fred Year? University of Waterloo
Pritchard, Joan Year? No PhD
Procassini, Andrew Year? Nova Southeastern University
Proctor, Thomas Y. Year? University of Memphis
Pryor, Leroy J. Year? University of Southern California
Pukthuanthong, Kuntara Year? University of California, Irvine
Purdy, Brianne M. Year? No PhD
Purvis, Claire Year? Not Found
Puxty, Anthony G. Year? Not Found
Pyykkö, Elina Year? University of Oulu
Qiu, Annie A. Year? No PhD
Qiu, Travis Hui Year? No PhD
Quigley, Behnaz Z. Year? University of Maryland
Quinn, Joseph D. Year? Not Found
Ragland, Linda Year? University of South Florida
Rajab, Thomas Year? Not Found
Rakow, Jessica S. Year? No PhD
Ramanan, Ram N. V. Year? Northwestern University
Rambo, Robert G. Year? Florida State University
Ramos, Felipe Candidate Fucape Business School
Ramsay, Alan Year? Not Found
Rand, Richard S. Year? University of South Carolina
Rao, Sunita S. Year? Not Found
Ratliff, Richard L. Year? University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rauter, Thomas Candidate Vienna University of Economics and Business
Raval, Vasant Year? Not Found
Rawson, Caleb Candidate University of Colorado at Boulder
Reed, Tracy N. Year? Virginia Tech
Reeve, Robert C. Year? Not Found
Reid, Anna Year? No PhD
Reider, Barbara Powell Year? Kent State University
Reinhard, Karin Year? Not Found
Rhie, Jung-Wu Year? No PhD
Ricci, Phillip Year? Not Found
Richardson, A. William Year? Not Found
Richter, Martin Year? Not Found
Riordan, Diane A. Year? Not Found
Riordan, Michael P. Year? Not Found
Rivera, Juan M. Year? University of Illinois at Chicago
Robb, Alastair Year? University of Queensland
Robbins, Walter A. Year? University of Tennessee Knoxville
Roberts, Alan Year? Not Found
Roberts, Clare Year? Not Found
Roberts, John Year? University of Manchester
Robertson, Jeffrey Year? Not Found
Robinson, Linda Year? Not Found
Robinson‐Backmon, Ida B. Year? Oklahoma State University
Rockwell, Stephen Year? Michigan State University
Rodrigues, Lúcia Lima Year? Not Found
Roh, Yongoh Year? New York University
Rohland, Cassandra W. Year? University of Connecticut
Roijmans, Diana Year? Practice
Roland-Luttecke, Kristin Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
Rolfes, Mary S. Year? Not Found
Rollins, Theresa P. Year? Villanova University
Rose, Nikolas Year? Not Found
Rosenberg, Donald L. Year? No PhD
Ross-Smith, Anne Year? Not Found
Ross, Andrew Year? Not Found
Rossides, Daniel W. Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Roth, Harold P. Year? Virginia Tech
Rouen, Ethan Candidate Columbia University in the City of New York
Roufaiel, Nazik S. Year? Cairo University
Rouleau, Linda Year? HEC Montreal
Rouse, Robert Year? Not Found
Roush, Pamela B. Year? Georgia State University
Rousseau, Stéphane Year? University of Toronto
Rowbottom, Nick Year? University of Birmingham
Roxas, Maria L. Year? University of Georgia
Rubenstein, Daniel Blake Year? No PhD
Ruggle, Leo A. Year? Not Found
Ruhl, Jack M. Year? Case Western Reserve University
Ruiz-Barbadillo, Emiliano Year? Not Found
Rusbarsky, Mark Year? No PhD
Sack, Robert J. Year? Not Found
Saemann, Georgia Year? Not Found
Sakurai, Hisakatsu Year? Kobe University
Samanta, Subarna Year? Southern Methodist University
Samiolo, Rita Year? Not Found
Sample 2009 Not Found
Samsonova-Taddei, Anna Year? Not Found
Samuels, Delphine Candidate University of Pennsylvania
Sanchez, Guadalupe Year? Not Found
Sandberg, Hugo F. Year? No PhD
Sandelin, Mikko Candidate Aalto University
Sander, James F. Year? Not Found
Sandlin, Petrea K. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Saravanamuthu, Kala Year? University of South Australia
Sargiacomo, Massimo Year? Not Found
Sasse, Craig M. Year? University of Missouri
Sathe, Richard S. Year? University of St. Thomas
Sauer, Paul Year? The Ohio State University
Saunders, Laura Year? No PhD
Sawyer, Rebecca S. Year? No PhD
Scarborough, Jamie L. Year? No PhD
Schalow, Christine Marie Year? University of Arkansas
Schaltegger, Stefan Year? Not Found
Schenck, Kristy M. Year? Pennsylvania State University
Schermann, Michael Year? Technical University Munich
Schibik, Timothy J. Year? West Virginia University
Schiff, Jonathan B. Year? New York University
Schmidt, Jacqueline J. Year? University of Iowa
Schmidt, Karsten Year? Not Found
Schmidt, Richard J. Year? Not Found
Schmulian, Astrid Year? No PhD
Schnee, Edward Year? Michigan State University
Schobel, Kurt Year? Royal Military College of Canada
Schoute, Martijn Year? Vrije (VU) University Amsterdam
Schrader, Richard W. Year? Florida State University
Schroeder, Richard G. Year? Arizona State University
Schubert, Walter Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Schuele, Karen Year? Kent State University
Schuetze, Walter P. Year? Not Found
Schultz, Wendy L. Year? No PhD
Schwaig, Kathy Year? University of South Carolina
Schwarzkopf, David L. Year? Not Found
Scofield, Barbara W. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Scott, Anita O. Year? No PhD
Scott, Mary R. Year? No PhD
Seaman, Samuel L. Year? University of Florida
Seay, Robert A. Year? Not Found
Seifried, Juergen Year? Not Found
Seipp, Edward Year? No PhD
Seltz, William E. Year? No PhD
Senge, Stephen V. Year? Not Found
Senyek, Christopher Year? No PhD
Seow, Jean Lin Year? Nanyang Technological University
Sepe, James F. Year? University of Washington
Sergenian, Gail K. Year? No PhD
Shackleton, Mark B. Year? University of London
Shanholtzer, Dennis Year? Not Found
Sharma, Arun K. Year? Not Found
Sharma, Pratyush Nidhi Year? University of Pittsburgh
Sharp, Florence Year? Not Found
Shastri, Karen Year? University of Pittsburgh
Shaw, Lewis Year? University of Durham
Sheetz, Steven D. Year? University of Colorado at Boulder
Shekhar, Chander Year? Pennsylvania State University
Shenkir, William G. Year? University of Florida
Shi, Haina Year? Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Shoaf, Victoria Year? Baruch College-The City University of New York
Shoulders, Craig D. Year? Not Found
Showalter, D. Scott Year? Not Found
Sidaway, Shannon Year? RMIT University-Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Silvola, Hanna Year? University of Oulu
Simkin, Mark G. Year? University of California, Berkeley
Sinclair, Amanda Year? University of Melbourne
Singtokul, Ong-Ard Year? Georgia Institute of Technology
Sinning, Kathleen E. Year? Michigan State University
Sivabalan, Prabhu Year? University of Technology Sydney
Skender, C.J. Year? No PhD
Skousen, K. Fred Year? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Slayter, Erik Year? No PhD
Smalt, Steven Year? Not Found
Smith, Claire G. Year? Not Found
Smith, Edward F. Year? No PhD
Smith, G. Robert Year? Texas Tech University
Smith, Jay M. Year? Stanford University
Smith, Lloyd Year? Not Found
Smith, Malcolm Year? City University London
Smith, Ola M. Year? Michigan State University
Smith, Sara Anne Year? No PhD
Smythe, Mary-Jeanette Year? Florida State University
Snow, Mason Candidate Arizona State University
Snyder, R William (Bill) Candidate University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sokolowsky, Jan Year? University of Michigan
Solomon, Aris Year? University of Sheffield
Son, Myungsoo Year? University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sonderegger, Emory Year? No PhD
Song, Byron Year? Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sorensen, Susan M. Year? University of Minnesota
Spikes, Pamela A. Year? University of Mississippi
Spira, Laura F. Year? Not Found
Splettstoesser, Ingrid B. Year? University of Waterloo
Spurrell, A. C. Lloyd Year? Not Found
St. Pierre, E. Kent Year? Washington University in St. Louis
Staehelin, Erwin Year? Not Found
Stallworth, H. Lynn Year? Louisiana State University
Stanley, Trevor Year? Queensland University of Technology
Stanton, Carl M. Year? No PhD
Stapleton, Pam Year? Not Found
Stara, Nancy Year? No PhD
Starliper, Matthew W. Year? University of Massachusetts Amherst
Staubus, George J. Year? University of Chicago
Stein, Douglas M. Year? University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stell, Roxanne Year? Oklahoma State University
Stenka, Renata Year? University of Liverpool
Sterling, Robert R. Year? Not Found
Stevens, Kathleen C. Year? Not Found
Stevens, William P. Year? Not Found
Stewart, Jenny Year? Not Found
Stice, Han Candidate University of Florida
Stivers, Bonnie P. Year? Georgia State University
Stoddard, Ted D. Year? No PhD
Stoelwinder, Johannes U. Year? Not Found
Stolowy, Herve Year? University Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne
Stone, Mary Year? Virginia Tech
Stoner, Gregory N. Year? University of Glasgow
Stratopoulos, Theophanis C. Year? University of New Hampshire
Strawser, Jeffrey W. Year? Texas A&M University
Streeter, Denise W. Candidate Old Dominion University
Strickland, Sherre Year? Texas A&M University
Strong, Norman Year? No PhD
Sullivan, Edward J. Year? Not Found
Sullivan, M. Cathy 2013 Not Found
Sun, Sunny Y. J. Year? City University of Hong Kong
Sun, Yan (Nankai) Year? Not Found
Sun, Zheng Year? New York University
Surridge, Ian Year? Not Found
Sutton, Valerie Year? No PhD
Suwardy, Themin Year? Monash University
Svanberg, Jan Year? Not Found
Swagerman, Dirk M. 2013 Not Found
Swanson, H. Gene 2013 Not Found
Swanson, Julia A. Year? Not Found
Swayze, James Year? Not Found
Sweeney, Breda Year? Dublin City University
Sylvestre, Jeanne 2013 Not Found
Szabat, Kathryn A. Year? University of Pennsylvania
Takatera, Sadao Year? Not Found
Tan, Lin Mei Year? Australian National University
Tan, Zhiyuan (Simon) Year? London School of Economics and Political Science
Tang, Fengchun Year? Washington State University
Tang, Guliang Year? Not Found
Tang, Qiwen Year? Georgia State University
Tang, Roger Y.W. Year? University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Tanner, Cynthia D. Year? No PhD
Tarca, Ann Year? University of Western Australia
Tassin Jr., Maurice F. 2013 Not Found
Telford, Brian Year? No PhD
Theuri, Peter M. Year? Mississippi State University
Thomas, Stuart Year? Florida International University
Thomasson, Timothy S. Year? No PhD
Thompson, G. F. Year? Not Found
Thompson, Grahame Year? Not Found
Thomson, Ian 2013 Not Found
Tian, Yan Year? Temple University
Tian, Yu Year? University of South Carolina
Tippett, Mark 2013 Not Found
Titera, William R. Year? No PhD
Todd, John Year? No PhD
Tolin, Jeffrey Year? Practice
Tomlinson, Stephen R. Year? Not Found
Tondkar, Rasoul H. Year? University of North Texas
Tonge, Stanley D. Year? Not Found
Torres, Paul D. Year? University of Alabama
Toumi, Marika Year? Not Found
Townley, Barbara Year? London School of Economics and Political Science
Toy, Alan Year? University of Auckland
Toynbee, Sara Candidate University of Washington
Tressler, Andrew D. Year? Not Found
Tritschler, Charles A. Year? Not Found
Trongmateerut, Pailin Year? Washington State University
Troutman, Coleen Year? Oklahoma State University
Truitt, Jack F. Year? Not Found
Tryggestad, Kjell Year? Not Found
Tsai, Liu-Ching Year? National Chengchi University
Tschakert, Norbert 2004 Not Found
Tuck, Penelope Year? University of Warwick
Tucker, James J. Year? Pennsylvania State University
Tucker, John M. 2013 Not Found
Tuovinen, Juhani E. Year? Not Found
Turman, Thomas Year? Not Found
Turner, Deborah H. Year? Georgia State University
Turner, Laurie A. Year? No PhD
Turner, Lynn E. Year? No PhD
Uecker, Wil C. Year? University of Texas at Austin
Vagneur, K. Year? London Business School
Vagnoni, Emidia Year? Not Found
Van de Poel, Katrien Year? University of Antwerp
van der Heijden, Hans Year? Erasmus University Rotterdam
van der Meer-Kooistra, Jeltje Year? Not Found
van Dijk, Ronald Year? Not Found
Vashishtha, Rahul Year? University of Pennsylvania
Vélez, Maria L. Year? Not Found
Velthuis, Louis Year? Not Found
Verstegen, B.H.J. 2013 Not Found
Vesey, Andrew M. Year? No PhD
Vijayakumar, Jayaraman Year? University of Pittsburgh
Vijayalakshmi, B. Vijayal Year? Not Found
Viosca, R. Charles Year? University of Alabama
Visser, Beth Year? Brock University
Vogel, Thomas J. Year? Pennsylvania State University
Vreeland, Jannet Year? No PhD
Vruwink, David R. Year? University of Arkansas
Vysotskaya, Anna 2013 Not Found
Wagner, Joachim Year? Not Found
Wakai, Sarah Year? University of California, Los Angeles
Wakefield, James Year? Not Found
Walawski, Justin B. Year? Not Found
Walden, W. Darrell Year? Not Found
Walker, Thomas Year? Washington State University
Wall, Diane 2013 Not Found
Wallach, Samoa J. R. Year? No PhD
Walsh, Steven T. Year? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Walter, Terry Year? University of Western Australia
Wan-Ying, Lin Year? Boston University
Wang, Charles C.Y. Year? Stanford University
Wang, Chuan-San Year? University of Manchester
Wang, Jeff J. Candidate University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wang, Xu (Frank) Year? University of Texas at Arlington
Wang, Yanruo Year? Stanford University
Wang, Yue Year? Not Found
Warder, Zachary T. Year? No PhD
Wasson, Warren 2013 Not Found
Waters, Max L. 2013 Not Found
Watson, Marsha Year? Not Found
Watt, Vanessa W-S Year? No PhD
Webb, Laurie Year? No PhD
Weber, Marsha Year? Not Found
Webinger, Mariah Year? University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Wechtler, Heidi 2013 Not Found
Wedemeyer, Phil D. Year? Baylor University
Weil, Sidney H. Year? University of the Western Cape
Weinstein, Gerald P. Year? Kent State University
Weirich, Thomas R. Year? University of Missouri
Weisbrod, Eric Year? Arizona State University
Weisel, James A. Year? University of Kentucky
Weiss, Jane M. Year? Not Found
Wells, Paul Year? Auckland University of Technology
Wells, Steve C. Year? Not Found
Welsh, Carol Year? University of Delaware
Wenger, Mitchell R. Year? Virginia Commonwealth University
Wessels, Philippus Lodewikus 2006 Not Found
Westergaard, Erik Year? Not Found
Weston, Syd Year? Not Found
Weygandt, Jerry J. Year? University of Illinois at Chicago
Whait, Rob Year? University of South Australia
Whincop, Michael J. Year? No PhD
Whitehead, Roy Year? University of Arkansas
Whitley, Richard Drummond Year? Not Found
Whittaker, John Year? Not Found
Whittington, Geoffrey Year? University of Cambridge
Whittington, Richard Year? University of Manchester
Wielinga, Cees Year? Not Found
Wiesche, Manuel 2013 Not Found
Wild, Kenneth L. Year? Not Found
Wilkin, Carla L. Year? Not Found
Wilkinson, Brett R. Year? Texas Tech University
Willett, Caroline Year? No PhD
Willey, Keith Year? University of Technology Sydney
Williams, Jan R. Year? University of Arkansas
Williams, Kelly L. Candidate University of Mississippi
Williamson, James E. 2013 Not Found
Willits, Stephen D. Year? Texas Tech University
Wilson, Larry Year? No PhD
Wilson, Mark Year? Australian National University
Wingate, Michele L. 2013 Not Found
Winking, Charlene 2013 Not Found
Winkle, Gary M. Year? Florida State University
Winograd, Barry N. Year? No PhD
Witmer, Philip R. Year? George Washington University
Wong, Michael Year? Not Found
Wood, Bob G. Year? Louisiana State University
Wood, David Year? Johns Hopkins University
Wood, Michael Year? University of Oxford
Wooten, Thomas C. Year? Georgia State University
Wootton, Charles W. Year? Mississippi State University
Worthington, Frank Year? Not Found
Wu, Chiu Yueh Alice Year? Not Found
Wu, Da Candidate University of North Texas
Wu, Jia Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Xi-Zhu, Chen Year? Not Found
Xia, Weidong Year? University of Pittsburgh
Xie, Yan (Alice) Year? Syracuse University
Xiong, Xiaoyan Year? Not Found
Xu, Ming (Mindy) Year? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Xu, Weidong Candidate Catholic (Katholieke) University of Leuven
Xu, Zhaohui (Randall) Year? University of Alabama
Xue, Wenjie Candidate Carnegie Mellon University
Yan, Meng Year? Boston University
Yang, Jing Year? Not Found
Yang, Xiongsheng Year? Not Found
Yao, Lee J. Year? Deakin University
Yau, Woon-Foong Year? No PhD
Ye, Ping Year? Not Found
Yeh, Chia-Lun Year? No PhD
Yen, Ju-Chun Candidate National Taiwan University
Yen, Sin-Hui Year? National Taiwan University
Yeow, Pamela Year? University of Sheffield
Yew Jen Wu Tong, Marian Year? Not Found
Yip-Ow, Jackson Year? No PhD
Yip, Rita W. Y. Year? Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yip, Siew-Kee Year? Not Found
Yoon, Aaron Candidate Harvard University
Yoon, Kyunghee Year? Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Young, Marilyn Year? University of Mississippi
Yu, Gwen Year? University of Michigan
Yu, Lisheng Year? Not Found
Yu, Wei Year? Not Found
Yu, Xin Year? No PhD
Yunker, Penelope J. Year? Saint Louis University
Zamojcin, Kimberly A. Year? Not Found
Zavgren, Christine Year? Not Found
Zhai, Shiyun Candidate Nankai University
Zhang, Bohui Year? Nanyang Technological University
Zhang, Dana Candidate University of Houston
Zhang, Fang Year? City University of Hong Kong
Zhang, Juan Year? Not Found
Zhang, Qinke (Michael) Year? Not Found
Zhang, Tianyu Year? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Zhang, Ting Year? University of Rhode Island
Zhao, Jianyu Candidate Peking University
Zhao, Wuyang Year? Fudan University, China
Zhu, Julie Lei Year? Columbia University in the City of New York
Zhu, Zhenmei Judy Year? University of Manchester
Zhuang, Zili Year? Carnegie Mellon University
Ziegenfuss, Douglas E. Year? Virginia Commonwealth University
Zimmermann, Carsten Year? University of Cambridge
Zimmermann, Stephan Candidate Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Zivney, Terry L. Year? Georgia State University