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Who is most recently affiliated with University of Memphis

And Graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014

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Research All Topics AIS Audit Financial Managerial Tax Topic Other
1st decile 2nd decile 3rd decile 4th decile 5th decile 6th decile 7th decile 8th decile; 9th decile 10th decile
Research Breadth Overall Topic Method

Education Overall Research Cases
Education 6 163   (1) 66   (1)  
Education 12 286   (1) 129   (1)  
Education All 594   (1) 348   (1)  

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Journal Title Year Title Altmetric Categorization Authors
Issues in Accounting Education 2010 Accounting Program Research Rankings By Topical Area And Methodology
Accounting Education
Education Other Methods