Add Yourself to the Database

This database is designed to track those publishing accounting research. If you are not an accounting researcher, please do not add yourself to the database. We also encourage you to check to see if you are already in the database before choosing to add yourself.

If you choose to add yourself to the database, you will need profile information both here and at ORCID.
Please complete the form below and press submit. You will then be taken to ORCID, where you will need to create an ORCID profile if you do not already have one.
Select No if your research focus is primarily outside of accounting.
Name as Displayed in Ranking - Enter your name as you want it displayed for your profile.
You must use the LastName, FirstName format. eg. "Wang, Yiwei K. (Kent)"
With which university are you currently affiliated (we only track primary affiliation)? If you left academia you may select the options of 'practice' or 'retired'
We will not share or distribute your email address.
(Required for validation) Departmental Listing - Provide the URL which shows you in a departmental listing. (not personal page)
From which university did you recieve your PhD or Equivalent? If you have several, indicate the degree that has had the most impact on your career.
If you do not have a PhD, indicate 'No PhD' and select the year of 'candidate'.